One of my favorite interweb comments of all time

From the Chateau:


They really need to make a Nature documentary about fat skags with a stoic British announcer narrating it.

“Here you see two heavy stone women in their native summer environment, the small town house party. During colder months they can be found snoring in the male dorms at mid to lower tier universities. The red headed Alpha of the group has landed her mate for the evening by seducing him with her over large breasts, pinning him down with her lumpy buttocks so he cannot flee should common sense overtake him. The lesser Beta female, the flatso, has secured a lesser mate, though one still far above her stature – as is normal, in the wilderness of the American Matriarchy. The Alpha female is enjoying a cigarette and a light beer which she will then pass off to the Beta when she is ready to take her mate inside to have difficult sex with. She will soak the blankets with her sweat and various other fluids and after a night of spooning, she will sniff out the most sugary breakfast in the home and leave the house a mess for the parents of the lesser mate she dominated to clean up after her. As for the Beta female, the flatso, she decided not to have sex with her chosen mate of the evening – instead, she wound up at home attempting to text a man of high stature who let her give him oral sex once. He did not reply, and she then pleasured herself with a vibrator.”

  • depressed_danny

Superlative work, Danny. Superlative.

Got asked an easy one today

Question: Why do people fail to do the things they know are good for them such as eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise, even when thy’ve had past success doing those things?


Answer: Because they’re lazy and lack self-discipline.

It’s really that simple, but a lot of people (especially lazy people) want to blame something other than themselves.

The Internet is Full of Bad Advice

PM60515 so ​how high do tattoos rank on the psycho bitch checklist???

Assuming the viewer meant “psychopath”, tattoos are an unreliable benchmark.

If anything, they are a sort of reverse green flag in women, in that they are not actively trying to conceal their damage. In fact they are wearing it on their sleeve. They are showing you who they are. Literally, visually.

The above is taken from a blog I stumbled on today which I thought was a good example of how there is so much bad info out there for young men, and in this case it’s also very poorly written.

…tattoos are an unreliable benchmark.

An egregious error. Having a tattoo is in fact a completely reliable benchmark. A single tattoo, no matter how small, delicately portrayed or discretely located is a deal breaker for LTR purposes. Any female who gets a tattoo is broken inside to some degree. Multiple or large tattoos speak to the degree of brokenness.

Conversely, a lack of tattoos does not by itself indicate you’re dealing with a non-psycho. It may just be that they don’t wish to give the prey any warning before they strike.

they are a sort of reverse green flag…

That’s just awful. Its “red flag” boyo. Simple and concise.



Microsoft CEO Working Hard to Bring Armageddon to a Civilization Near You

During a recent speech on how hard Microsoft is working on throwing thousands if not millions of people out their own jobs, CEO Satya Nadella warns that if companies and governments use MS AI products exactly as they are designed, that catastrophe is sure to follow unless everyone is really, REALLY careful not to let the genie out of the bottle. Thanks a lot, Satya. Thanks a lot.


Good News/Bad News on Visual Pollution in the United States

First the bad news:

Average Female Weight

U.S. Women are on average 30 pounds heavier now than they were in the 1960’s. They are a jaw-dropping 42 pounds heavier than their current-day counterparts in South Korea, while only standing 2 inches taller on average.

I’m not talking about bullshit BMI numbers, I’m talking raw weight. 30 pounds of fat added to a 5’4″ frame.

Now some of you may be asking, “What difference does 30 pounds make? That doesn’t seem like so much.”


This woman went from 165 pounds to 135 pounds and is now looking very good. She’s easily in the top 10% of American women (non-models or actresses) for attractiveness. What brought about the change? Her boyfriend proposed and she was very excited to post the pictures to Facebook, but when she saw how fat she looked she was too embarrassed to upload them. She went on to lose 30 pounds and now that lucky guy gets to marry a hottie.

So what’s the good news? Well, as you can see from above, people can lose weight if they are dedicated and willing to make it a priority. She used a combination of diet and exercise and that works for her.

What people in general need to realize is that they need to find out what works for them, personally. When I was training for my first Ironman race I was doing 15-18 hours cardio a week, but I didn’t lose a pound ( I was 185) because I was still eating a pretty crappy diet. Prior to that, when I trained for my first marathon, I lost almost 40 pounds  (starting wt 195) by keeping calories below 1500/day while running (not jogging) 40-60 miles per week. When I stopped watching my diet and cut back on the running, the weight came back quickly.

Currently, as I strive to get my body-fat percentage to 10%, I’m eating a lot of Jimmy John Unwiches. It’s actually kinda of fun to go to their website and play around with the sandwich customizer menu app.billyclub

I’ll often get this one and if you switch out the french bread for lettuce, and drop the mayo (the devil’s condiment) you can reduce the carbs from 79 to 6, and total calories from 830 to 290! Now protein does drop from 50 to 35, but that’s a more than acceptable trade-off for a 540 calorie savings. Of course no cookies or chips for me, and I drink unsweetened tea with the Unwich.

Greetings, Adventurers!

Let’s get thing started with setting your expectations to “reasonable”. I’m doing this for me and if you like it, great! If not, begone. This is mostly thoughts, ideas, and observations as filtered through my perception of events around me. I’m not looking for followers, but will welcome the like-minded. Now let the story unfold…