The Internet is Full of Bad Advice

PM60515 so ​how high do tattoos rank on the psycho bitch checklist???

Assuming the viewer meant “psychopath”, tattoos are an unreliable benchmark.

If anything, they are a sort of reverse green flag in women, in that they are not actively trying to conceal their damage. In fact they are wearing it on their sleeve. They are showing you who they are. Literally, visually.

The above is taken from a blog I stumbled on today which I thought was a good example of how there is so much bad info out there for young men, and in this case it’s also very poorly written.

…tattoos are an unreliable benchmark.

An egregious error. Having a tattoo is in fact a completely reliable benchmark. A single tattoo, no matter how small, delicately portrayed or discretely located is a deal breaker for LTR purposes. Any female who gets a tattoo is broken inside to some degree. Multiple or large tattoos speak to the degree of brokenness.

Conversely, a lack of tattoos does not by itself indicate you’re dealing with a non-psycho. It may just be that they don’t wish to give the prey any warning before they strike.

they are a sort of reverse green flag…

That’s just awful. Its “red flag” boyo. Simple and concise.



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