One of my favorite interweb comments of all time

From the Chateau:


They really need to make a Nature documentary about fat skags with a stoic British announcer narrating it.

“Here you see two heavy stone women in their native summer environment, the small town house party. During colder months they can be found snoring in the male dorms at mid to lower tier universities. The red headed Alpha of the group has landed her mate for the evening by seducing him with her over large breasts, pinning him down with her lumpy buttocks so he cannot flee should common sense overtake him. The lesser Beta female, the flatso, has secured a lesser mate, though one still far above her stature – as is normal, in the wilderness of the American Matriarchy. The Alpha female is enjoying a cigarette and a light beer which she will then pass off to the Beta when she is ready to take her mate inside to have difficult sex with. She will soak the blankets with her sweat and various other fluids and after a night of spooning, she will sniff out the most sugary breakfast in the home and leave the house a mess for the parents of the lesser mate she dominated to clean up after her. As for the Beta female, the flatso, she decided not to have sex with her chosen mate of the evening – instead, she wound up at home attempting to text a man of high stature who let her give him oral sex once. He did not reply, and she then pleasured herself with a vibrator.”

  • depressed_danny

Superlative work, Danny. Superlative.

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