Anllela is Columbian for Volcanic

Yesterday’s post featured this spicy dish from Columbia, Anllela Sagra. She is a professional fitness model.


Let me be absolutely clear about this. This image represents what a 10 looks like in my own not-quite-humble opinion, no ifs, ands or … actually that’s a really nice butt. Let’s also be clear that Photoshop is probably adding at least 1 if not 2 points to that score. If a woman actually ever reads this post I want to let her know that NO ONE EXPECTS THIS FROM YOU SO NO CRYING ABOUT UNREASONABLE MALE EXPECTATIONS. This woman is a genetic anomaly/lottery winner who has taken advantage of the gifts she’s been given and is running with it. Throw in professional hair, makeup, photography and Photoshop and there’s no way a woman I might bump into in the grocery can compete with the idea of her. But MEN DON’T WANT RELATIONSHIPS WITH PHOTOSHOPPED PICS ON THE INTERNET. THEY WANT A REAL WOMAN. Now if you are a fat slob with short hair and permanent resting bitchface, that’s on you. Don’t blame the man. A man doesn’t have a 400 bullet point list of what he’s looking for in a woman, but if he did none of those would be on there. But be pleasant, be a healthy weight, and have a nice feminine presentation and you’re gonna do alright, honey.

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