Well, why not…?


I haven’t watched Dr. Who since the first couple episodes of the reboot that had Billie Piper as the companion, and had never watched it before then so I don’t really care about the show,  but this is just another example anti-white guy bias..

And the case just really can’t be logically made that this is anything else. Not a single reason to do this other than removing a white male as the lead.

Same thing goes for the idiots wanting the next Bond to be a woman. Sheer insanity. Now if you want to make the next 007 a woman after Bond retires or is killed in the line of duty, that’s fine, though I would think retiring his number would be the least a grateful nation could do to honor him. Elizabeth Hurly, in her Austin Power days, would have been a great 00, but none of that pixie-ninja bullshit please.

Nor do I have a problem with Idris Elba being a 00 operative, but not Bond. I don’t even know if he’s a citizen of the UK, which should be a requirement for a 00.

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