And it starts early, preschool even

We see a continuing pattern in schools, where the simple urges and fascinations of boyhood are considered too dangerous to be allowed: Boys fantasize of conflict, they love to test their strength against their fathers in mock fights, they’re aggressive, and daydream about battle. Many of the games they prefer involve death and destruction. While…

via Boys are treated like defective girls — Isegoria

One of my older son’s preschool “teachers” spoke to us about his “troubling behavior”. There were three boys and 8 girls in his class/group. We spoke to the parents of the other boys informally at drop off/pickup and they also said that she had talked to them about their sons. Apparently not being a girl was the real issue. Not wanting to sit around and make snowflake doilies all day is a problem worthy of a psych referral.

Boys need fathers and other male role models; coaches/teachers/(I would say scout leaders, but scouting is dead to me) to learn from. Most women simply don’t “get” boys, and its not their fault (or the boys).  Boys love being praised by men, older boys. It simply means more coming from a more experienced male. These days boys are taught to fear men (even their own fathers) and masculine pursuits so that they’ll be better cattle.

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