Let’s make it in America, again


The above links to an interesting series of articles about how much manufacturing capability has been lost and the problems with getting it back to U.S. shores. The author talks a lot about new management philosophies (traditional vs. agile/scrum), which I think is actually missing the forest for the trees. It’s more about thinking  long-term and about thinking national good vs. global markets.

Frankly, its kind of depressing, but there does seem some good news:


Foxconn, known for making the iPhones and iPads in China (and having their employees commit suicide due to working conditions https://www.wired.com/2010/11/thomas-lee-foxconn/) is apparently going to build a factory in Wisconsin to make the screens for automobile in-dash displays among other things. Hopefully this will lead to bigger things overall ( and no suicides).

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