Being fit isn’t everything, but it’s a good start

So, I was looking for some pictures of men near my own age for comparison to what I’ve been able to do this year. I’m a very close match for the left-side version of this gentleman.


I’m 6′ and currently weigh 205 lbs. My abs are slightly more defined than what we see in that low-light picture. His legs must be huge though, if he’s really 220 there. That seems hinky to me. I wonder what his benchpress is. I’m closing in on my goal of 400 lb BP by year end.

On the right side he has put on some muscle in his pecs, arms and shoulders. His obliques are also more pronounced. He seems very pleased and I congratulate him for achieving this goal, but really he’s already well into the land of diminishing returns as far as attractiveness goes.

It’s well known that men place a much higher premium on how visually attractive a woman is, than women place on male physical attractiveness. Men are probably 80% visual, vs. women’s 25% or so. Women place much higher value on on a man’s status, wealth, and power.

What I’m taking a long time to say is that Mr. Leftside is already good enough visually for 95+% of women. Doing any more is really just to please yourself, which is perfectly fine, just realize that that time is probably better spent on other self-improvement pursuits. Personally, I don’t want to maintain the diet required to get down to <8% body fat.

I’ve been wanting to post this pic for a while.


Lefty is definitely fit enough to pursue even this beautiful creature, but he’s gonna need sufficient game, finances, and status to close the deal with her. The time and effort he spent in those 3 years would pay more dividends if he had started his own successful company or gotten a major promotion at work.

3 thoughts on “Being fit isn’t everything, but it’s a good start

  1. No worries

    You tube so you think you can bench by Dave Tate because odds are your technique sucks

    Your tricpes and genrally weak, goes for just about everyone. They are the sort of muscle that can almost always use more work

    Most 400 plus benchers I know( formerly one myself) have pretty thick upper backs vs wide upper backs. Well that tends to be true of strength athletes in general

    They also look like they so more shoulder work ( to look better which ain’t a sin) vs the upper back and tri work. Done right the bench press becomes a mostly upper back and tri event

    Good luck


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