De gustibus non est disputandum or Maryanne for the win

I got this picture from another blogger’s site. It was under title “time for a cute brunette”.


Now, the aforementioned blogger has often stated that he has a thing for short-haired brunettes; as such I’m not going to argue against a subjective personal preference. However, as I commented on his site, besides being a slender woman, this picture is a great example of everything wrong with today’s modern woman. That dress is UGLY. That thing in her hair looks stupid. The pose is the opposite of becoming.  But, of course that worst of it is the simian expression. She looks like a chimpanzee is a circus review.

My kids like watching Gilligan’s Island on Amazon video, so while it’s not strictly necessary to go this far back to find one, she is a shining example of what a cute brunette looks like. I humbly give you Dawn Wells.

In my own opinion, Miss Wells transcended “cute” and was a truly beautiful young woman. I have no issues with Tina Louise, who was a beautiful gal in her own right, but it’s always been Maryanne for me. Ginger was a one-trick pony, Maryanne was the complete package.

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