Gal Gadot’s husband reviews WW at Amazon

I am not a big superhero fan, but the second time I saw this movie it effected me just like when I returned to see Star Wars or Lord of the Rings (or had my first sympathy period). I found myself tearing up (luckily had a few tissues in my man-bag) during a few scenes because we have never seen a woman with this kind of power on film before.

Gal Gadot is absolutely fantastic and gives one of most sincere superhero performances ever captured on film. She is able to communicate her characters thoughts and emotions without words, she has a powerful and commanding presence (same as in our bedroom with the strap-on), she is elegant and intellectual, she is witty and clever (,she has an IQ of 250 and benches 9000). But at this point in her life she is also naive and does not understand the world as much as she thinks she does (Gal, or WW? Either way MISOGYNY!!!). 

If you don’t like it, then that is without a doubt your problem(Mr. Deplorable!), because as a lover of films and not superheros, it’s near perfect film-making and I will not be surprised if this gets nominated for (all the) Oscars, it deserves them.

As a man(gina), I am not only proud to have a Wonder Woman to look up to, but proud to see that hollywood has made such a landmark achievement in women’s film history.


I did not see this in the theater as I had heard that GG was not nekkid at any point in the movie. No, not even on Lesbian Amazon Island.

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Language of losing

In Afghanistan, we’re fighting for something not worth winning, and we’re losing. In Europe, Islam is fighting for something very much worth winning, and they’re advancing. And, according to all the official strategists in Washington and elsewhere, these two things are nothing to do with each other.

To be fair, a lot of the ever increasing restraints on free expression are self-imposed: newspapers decide that it would be “insensitive” to publish certain cartoons, publishers politely decline novels on certain themes, and in Minnesota (where I’ll be in a couple of weeks) white progressives agonize that remembering 9/11 is “Islamophobic“. Which is weird – because a space alien visiting the United States for Monday’s ceremonies would have been stunned to discover that Islam had anything to do with 9/11. As I mentioned yesterday, the President forbore to mention Islam at all: Instead, we were attacked by “horrible, horrible enemies” and “enemies like we’ve never seen before”. Well, we’ve seen a lot of them since, and they appear to have certain things in common – things that this President was once not shy about mentioning. Yet, insofar as Islam got a look in from officialdom, it was a passing reference in the speech of Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis:

Maniacs disguised in false religious garb thought by hurting us they could scare us that day.

Well, whoever they are, these “maniacs” can evidently scare grizzled hard men called “Mad Dog” into concluding that, when it comes to mentioning the I-word, discretion is the better part of valor. “False religious garb” means we’re back to the standard Euro-squish line that all this Allahu Akbar I’m-ready-for-my-virgins stuff is a “perversion” of the real Islam, which is a peaceful faith practiced by millions of people for whom self-detonation is an unwelcome distraction from traditional activities such as clitoridectomies, honor killings and throwing sodomites off tall buildings. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but these “maniacs” are hijacking this “religious garb” in order to peddle a “false” vision of Islam. Foaming-canine-wise, Mad Dog sounds about as mad as, say, Theresa May. I take it that, even in today’s politically correct military, you can’t earn the epithet “Mad Dog” simply by handing out diversity awards to the Transgender Outreach Liaison Officer of the Month, and General Mattis served honorably and impressively in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, when it comes to strategic clarity, that may be the problem.

Player for Life vs. The Alternative

I’m not a RoK fan as most of the writing seems geared to people half my age or less and generally isn’t that interesting, but sometimes a link posted on another site seems interesting enough to get me to click on it.

Best thing about this article are the pics.


If they’re playing, I’m in. (but not all in)

We’re all playing a game when it comes to modern relationships, its just that the rules now make any significant moves by men (marriage, fatherhood) risky propositions. I’ll be telling my boys to enjoy women, but not to invest in them.


Better to rent this than try to buy it. Real estate and precious metals can’t decide they don’t want to belong to you anymore after you’ve already paid for them.

Dude at RoK ripping me off…

JK. Its a common enough story, but he got up to 330, while my heaviest/fattest was maybe 225.

As an adult, what you eat and how much you eat is 95% of losing weight and maintaining the loss. Unless you exercise at professional athlete levels you will never out train a bad diet, especially once you have gotten fat.

No one can out train a bad diet. I was doing 18 hours of cardio a week training for Ironman Couer d’Alene and didn’t lose a pound cause I was eating so much crap.

If I could go back, the one thing I would do different is to incorporate strength training during the weight loss, which is the other 5%. I became weak and skinny fat. After struggling to lift a 50 pound bag at work, I knew something needed to change. I began strength training using Stronglifts 5×5 and I am up to 195lbs.

Yep. Stronglifts is a solid program for beginners. I was repping 185 on the bench (and feeling good about it) when I saw a guy 6 inches shorter than me doing 225 like it was nothing. I was like WTF? I needed to get serious about it. Now I’m repping 285 5×5 and my max is 355. I’ve been stuck there for a bit, but Ton gave me some links to check up and I think I can get to 375 by New Years. Not the 400 I was wanting, but I’m playing the long game.

Cherry-picking the best students — Isegoria

Public-school supporters often claim that charter schools manage to “cherry pick” the best students: Now a series of reports in California and elsewhere show the opposite is true. In one case, educators in the San Diego Unified School District have been counseling their students with low grade-point averages to transfer into charter schools, especially online…

via Cherry-picking the best students — Isegoria

My kids go to private/religious school. Public schools around here are terrible and getting worse all the time. Teachers unions only exist to serve the teachers’ interests and are actively against students’ interests. The chairman on the local school board works in my office. He is possbly the most undistinguished person I have ever met, and I worked inpatient pysch and chemical rehab. His wife is a teacher in the local district. Who do you think he’s going to side with, his wife or the faceless kids in the crumbling schools?

Dad bod was never dead sexy, but it could lead to death


Fist off, that is not a dad-bod on the left side. That’s just a big, fat slob about to keel over.

There is no such thing as being fat-but-fit:

Looking at specific causes of death, the study found that, for each five-unit increase in BMI (from, say, 30 to 35) — body mass index is measured by a formula that divides your body weight your height — the corresponding increases in risk were 49% for cardiovascular mortality, 38% for respiratory disease mortality and 19% for cancer mortality. That means these people are 49%, 38% and 19% more likely to die earlier than a person who has a healthy body weight.

Yes, BMI is crap for measuring an individual’s health, but when dealing with populations it is less crappy. Being a fat slob is a significant health risk and also impairs your ability to get the most out of life on a daily basis.



Not ripped, but come on, John Hamm is a good looking guy, and Don Draper is the most dark-triad Alpha character depicted in modern times. This not average guy dad bod. This guy is not at risk for metabolic syndrome issues.

This guy is fairly famous:


This is what a dad bod looks like. Soft and sloppy. But rich and famous will more than cancel out his physical deficits with da ladies. They’ll gladly pick up his lipitor and metformin on the way to his beach house.

Other findings from the survey:

—78 percent of women feel men with dad bods are confident in their own skin.

Bullshit. Projection. Women want to mis-characterize  their own laziness as being self-confident.

—Nearly half of women (47 percent) even believe dad bods are the “new six-pack.” Nearly three in five (58 percent) mothers feel dad bods are the new six-pack.

See my point above. Guess they also (mistakenly) believe Lena Dunham is sexier than tree stump.

—83 percent of mothers would be proud to have a husband with a dad bod.

WTF? Did someone actually ask the question, “Would you be proud to have a husband with a dad bod?”. How about, “Is muffin-top sexier than cankles?”. Could that be on the next survey?