True for women, but not for men…

Here’s a game that’s kinda fun: Think of a saying that’s true for one gender, but not for the other. I’ll start:

The opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference.

This is true for women. They can’t stand to be ignored or paid less attention than they think they deserve. They’d much rather be hated than to invisible.

Men, on the other hand, know that love and hate are opposites. Men don’t care if other men are indifferent to them, but they are very much on the lookout for men who hate them. Hate is a driving force for men. Love is a driving force for men. Almost all men are indifferent to all other men.



Become who you are — The Audacious Epigone

Junior, who wields the social media rapier exceptionally well, captures why Gen Z is going to be quite problematic for the cultural commissars indeed:A theme revisited frequently here is that being on the left in The Current Year means spending all your time and energy coming up with different ways to say “that is NOT…

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Actually, that was the only decent song in the movie, and it’s fairly short and repetitive. The movie lacked consistent humor and was a mixed bag of pro-feminist propaganda and worship of non-white people/culture. The animation was quite good though, especially the water effects. The Rock has a decent singing voice.

A white renaissance is the worst nightmare of the left. A veritable Freddie Kruger coming to get them.

Pulling — Splendid Isolation

This was going to be a rant about Old Fart becoming fathers at an advanced age — I couldn’t imagine going through all that parenting nonsense again, at this stage of my life. Then I looked at some pictures of a couple of our most recent old-fart daddies. Can you think what it was that…

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Billy has a “what the fuck am I doing” look on his face, whereas Ronnie has a “keep fucking the prettiest ones ’til I’m dead” expression in his.

Both whores are quite fetching though.

Breadwinning father, homemaking mother remains ideal in The Current Year — The Audacious Epigone

Via AmRen, an article on the unique roles of barbarian women in the insurgency:The simple answer to the question of what to do with the growing number of women who wish to be more active in the white nationalist movement is to support their increased involvement—but only in the right ways. Women need not “co-opt”…

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Wanting Equality, Getting Equality — Splendid Isolation

While I hate the idea, I nevertheless applaud this little announcement: The Pentagon says the country should stick with mandatory registration for a military draft, and it advocates a requirement for women to sign up for the first time in the nation’s history. The recommendations are contained in a Defense Department report to Congress that serves as…

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Just an awful, awful idea. Women aren’t ruining the armed forces enough?