Cataline Recommends…With Reservations — The Dark Herald

Still busy this week but at least this will be original content.First up Monster Hunter Files Edited by Larry Corriea. Monster Hunter FilesLarry Correia has after ten years decided to open up his universe to his friends. Some of those are well known to us already. Brad Torgersen, Sarah Hoyt and John C. Wright. I believe…

via Cataline Recommends…With Reservations — The Dark Herald

I was disappointed with Larry’s latest MHI novel. Seemed all setup and no pay off. Think maybe he was working through some stuff with his own father or something. Ringo’s “spin-offs” have been much more entertaining than Larry’s last couple of contributions.

I’m going to go check out a CZ later today, might have a new one to take to the range tomorrow.

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