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Before I left for my vacation I came across a rather interesting YouTube video consisting of an interview between the host of a podcast and a (rather lovely) dating and relationship coach DeAnna Lorraine.Now, with a name like that, you’d typically expect the lady in question to be fat, black, and angry- but in fact,…

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I can’t see hiring a matchmaker chick who is single and never been married. Bad hair. Gum-ball machine necklace. “Fuck-me” pumps. Nope, not interested. She needs to go back to teaching pole dancing classes.

Is that a wig? I mean like a really cheap Halloween costume wig she’s wearing?

Silence is the wisest course

from a blog recommended at the bottom of my Reader page:

For the last week I’ve been watching the #MeToo movement rise and fall in the media. Women are sharing, in great detail, personal experiences in order to highlight just how pervasive the problem of sexual harassment and assault really is.

What I’m also noticing is that men, on the whole, have been largely silent.

Now, I hope–sincerely–the relative silence is about allowing a safe space for women to talk about their experiences without trying to interrupt or explain why those experiences are wrong or mistaken or taken out of context. Sincerely.

My worry, however, is the silence is due to many men not hearing what women are shouting over the chasm. The chasm which exists between the way women define and view sexual assault, harassment, and consent, and the way that men do. That chasm is so wide and deep when you shout across it no one on the other side can hear you. All you get in return is a fading echo.

The reason most men (if they’re not totally clueless) are not engaging is that they know  1. That their opinions are not wanted:

(from a blog linked at the above post)

Dear Matt Walsh and others,

Hear me loud, and hear me clear. When a woman, a group of women, several million women say “My experience as a woman is this” you don’t get to say with any merit “No, it’s not.”

It really is that simple. You are not a woman. You have never lived your life as a woman. You have never lived a life filtered through the lens of being female. Therefore it cancels out your opinion. It invalidates it. Have it, spout it, shout it from the rooftops if you like. It’s still worthless and invalid.

Yes, that’s right. I called your opinion worthless and invalid.


and 2. These “conversations” are worthless to men as nothing is ever achieved/settled/agreed on that woman won’t disavow the second it suits them, so the smart man doesn’t bother wasting his time. Anything less than total capitulation by men is seen as misogyny by women.

Difference of opinion

It’s Friday again, lads- although right now, as I am currently on vacation, it’s Friday for me a hell of a lot earlier than it is for you, assuming you’re in the USA. Sadly, my vacation is drawing to an end; I fly back to the States on Saturday afternoon (my time) and will soon be…

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Yeah, I see why some guys would find her worthy of a post, but frankly I don’t except as a counter-point. I’ve seen better looking girls working at the DQ by my house, and as far as I know they weren’t Instagram whores. These pictures approach parody level silliness. She’s actually doing the “Look at me, I’m an attention whore” pose in one of them. Ugh.












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Still busy this week but at least this will be original content.First up Monster Hunter Files Edited by Larry Corriea. Monster Hunter FilesLarry Correia has after ten years decided to open up his universe to his friends. Some of those are well known to us already. Brad Torgersen, Sarah Hoyt and John C. Wright. I believe…

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I was disappointed with Larry’s latest MHI novel. Seemed all setup and no pay off. Think maybe he was working through some stuff with his own father or something. Ringo’s “spin-offs” have been much more entertaining than Larry’s last couple of contributions.

I’m going to go check out a CZ later today, might have a new one to take to the range tomorrow.

Not Surprising — Splendid Isolation

Oh boo fucking hoo. A bunch of tatted-up, pierced and hairstyle-challenged kids are having difficulty landing jobs, and of course it’s all The Man’s fault: In 2017, individuality and creativity are widely regarded as desirable traits in an potential employee. But it seems some firms still judge prospective hires on appearance, as well as experience.…

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Another woman who had the word ‘hope’ tattooed on her wrist to cover a self-harm scar was informed she was out of the running as a result.

Does anybody believe for one second that a woman was told she by the hiring company that she didn’t get the job because of a tattoo? Unless the job was modeling wrist watches or bracelets i’m going have to call bullshit on that.

Also, individuality and creativity are not whats wanted. Conformity and obedience are the most desired qualities by HR.

Story not message is what’s important to fans

 They were detested by the masses, and were looked down on as inferior (as little sense as that made considering they had superpowers), and Charles Xavier and Magneto were little more than analogues to the approaches of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X via race relations. So it was always political from conception.

And the key point: kids didn’t care.

If you asked anyone in the 1990s why they liked the X-Men you would have few answers beyond the obvious. They had awesome powers. They were cool. They were distinct individuals with their own talents that backed each other up and meshed well in a group. They always take on the bad guys and put aside their own personal grudges to do so. The stories are explosive and fun.


Again, maybe you don’t like comics at all, but the linked post does a good job of explaining how companies like Marvel (and the NFL) have gone off the rails by forgetting their roots and going total SJW.

This also speaks personally to me regarding my complete disinterest in any subtext where the writer is trying to lecture me or proselytize me on their hobby horse issues. I read fiction for escapism not to be preached at.

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Those wonderfully mad Russians have evidently decided that my beloved HALO saga is, in fact, a long-running documentary somehow sent backwards through some kind of wormhole to the present day. That would explain why they have basically developed their own version of the MJOLNIR powered armour for their own soldiers:It might resemble something out of Star…

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Powered armor is a really neat idea, but what use is it against a bunch of weaponized flying drones or terminator robots? Robots would be much tougher to take out than armored grunts.

That’s also why I don’t get the need for huge surface fleets anymore. One decent-sized nuke takes out the whole fleet or most of it.

Has America Hit Peak Obesity Yet? (nope, still growing) — Chateau Heartiste

One immense and expanding frontline in the War of Beauty vs Ugliness is the obesity epidemic, which threatens to consume every last american in an orgy of consumption. From the CDC’s latest “Obesity and Overweight Report in the US”, via a Gaystream Media tentacle: A troubling new report released Friday by the Centers for Disease […]

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BMI is still a garbage metric when analyzing individual body composition, but none the less its true that Americans are getting fatter year after year. The government know that pushing sugar and grains on us is bad for our health, but more importantly its good for corporate profits (agricultural and pharmaceutical) and that’s what matters in the end.

Eat more protein and fat and fewer carbs. Lift heavy weights. Get outside as often as possible. Do your own yard work. Same goes for your kids.