But It’s Wrong When We Do It — Splendid Isolation

Here’s an interesting survey: Career women in Britain and the US are paying £150 an hour for sex with male escorts and are happy to splash out thousands if they stay for the weekend Men were thought to be the primary market for male escorts, but now women are the major employers of male escorts…

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I’ve always hated the ending to Cherry 2000. Not that Melanie Griffith wasn’t a nice-looking woman, but have you see her lately. He gave up a perfectly (and permanently) beautiful robot for a flawed human with a very short shelf life. Booo! Hisss! Booo!

ESPN Sucks

ESPN is laying off about 150 more people.

Most of the affected jobs are in studio production, digital content and technology, ESPN President John Skipper told staff on Wednesday.

“We appreciate their contributions, and will assist them as much as possible in this difficult moment with severance, a 2017 bonus, the continuation of health benefits and outplacement services,” Skipper said in a memo posted online by the network.

The cuts amount to about 2% of ESPN’s workforce.

This is only the latest round of layoffs for the sports broadcaster. The network is trying to shift its focus to digital programming

(such as?)



as growing numbers of viewers unsubscribe from cable. But ESPN is also locked into costly long-term TV deals with sports leagues.

Livin’ The Dream — Splendid Isolation

So this guy inherited a bank, had no interest in running it, and sold it for three quarters of a billion dollars. Then he set out to do what any super-wealthy Formula 1 enthusiast would do: he built his own racetrack in his backyard where he can race his $5-million collection of sports cars whenever he…

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Hey Harry, THIS is what you do and who you do it with when you’re rich and famous. Idiot.

Fuck The Cloud — Splendid Isolation

…and by that, I mean this entire notion that we can store our stuff remotely as opposed to locally on our own storage devices, and that we can blithely entrust our writings and thoughts to the whim of others like the monstrous entities known as Google, Twitter or Facebook. All this came from reading this…

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My sentiments exactly. YOU are the product at Google, Twitter and Facebook; and they are your enemies.

World First — Splendid Isolation

So apparently this girl won the Miss Universe 2017 competition last night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas (ergo a tasteful little event). Here she is: …but what makes her unique is that with the name of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, she is the first woman with a double-hyphened name ever to win a beauty…

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Now that’s a nice looking woman, but the second picture at Kim’s looks very photo-shopped to me.

Worse, Not Better — Splendid Isolation

I’m sorry to keep harping on about this, but I’m afraid that Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson has lost all her charm since losing so much weight. Now she looks like just another woman: pretty enough, but kinda ordinary. …whereas before all this skinny stuff, she was… NIGELLA! It’s enough to make a grown man…

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Well, I certainly thinks she looks better without the weight, but I still don’t think she looks GOOD. Kim and I won’t ever have to fight it out after the SHTF over who wants which woman.