The Diversity Squad — The Audacious Epigone

The indispensable team that allows the Office of Diversity and Equity to do the invaluable work it does fighting the oppressive intolerance of intolerant oppression:Cisgendered white men need not apply–to the contrary, what they need to do is dieThe following is pulled from the calendar of upcoming events the irreplaceable office maintains.Tuesday, November 28th:- 1/2…

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The Wisdom of Roger Sterling

I wasn’t a huge Mad Men fan, I didn’t start watching until the second to last season and then went back on watched it online. I didn’t really like any of the characters, and though I know lots of “red pill” guys think Don Draper was the ultimate alpha it seems to me that Roger Sterling got some of the best lines of the show. This is the one that really stands to me the most though:

“At some point [women] lose that. That glow of pure youth. It’s like they hit 30 and somebody puts out a light.” (S1, E7)

Now, I would change that to say 25 instead of 30, since it seems that most women today are used up by then, but you can’t argue the sentiment.


KU’s Tunnel of Oppression — The Audacious Epigone

Following are excerpts from a letter entitled “A new accountability: We can, and will, be better” sent out to all students and faculty at the University of Kansas. Yes, it was sent out to all students, some of who forwarded it to me. KU’s current enrollment is 28,447.For readers whose last contact with academia took place…

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This is EXACTLY why I don’t want mu boys going to college.

Technology to help men — Julian O’Dea

More details on this new “app” here. As I have written before, as technology advances, it gives men new opportunities to fight back against misandrist views and behaviours. Personally, I have never been much concerned about women using makeup, but this app does demystify another female tactic. The above supposed tweet from Ana Kasparian is […]

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They don’t call it “putting their face on” for nothing.

Trade school, not 4-year college, is a better bet to solve the US income gap, researchers say

  • Researchers are investigating how the United States can become more competitive in the manufacturing industry in the age of artificial intelligence.
  • Some of their conclusions suggest that more investment is needed in vocational programs and not in large, four-year universities.
  • “There are too many four-year colleges serving too many students, and too few institutions with greater focus on vocational education and training,” the researchers said.

My wife already has a $51,000/year (this year) college picked out for my oldest, who is still in grade school. I’m not going to pay that, or even half that. You’d have to be insane to pay that and think you’re getting any kind of value.

This guy hates Hemlock Grove…

like it fucked his girlfriend when he was ot of town.

But Hemlock Grove is rich with embarrassment. It is a shockingly inane misstep, a ponderous mess whose only saving grace are the occasional moments of camp, inadvertent and otherwise, sprinkled throughout. This is the sort of show that would’ve been laughed off the screen after an episode or two on broadcast, and yet there it sits on Netflix’s electronic shelves, a pulsating puss-ridden boil waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to click through. Whatever credibility House Of Cards may have earned the company, Hemlock Grove could very well destroy. It’s just that bad.

Now, I don’t actually disagree with the overall analysis. It’s a really bad, really silly show; that I can’t stop watching. The writing (can you really call it writing?), acting, and continuity are awful; and I’m still watching. Jeez, the fright wig on the girl near the end of the first season is just so damn awful. Still watching.


For ourselves and our posterity…

Now this is something I’m concerned about, as I think its part of a much larger problem that isn’t being talked about. And not so much for myself, but for my children. Amazon has been a very convenient place for me to get most of the things I buy and I watch a lot of things for “free” on amazon video. But, Amazon is a company where one-half (IT) seems to working as hard as possible to put the other half (non-IT warehouse and distribution workers) out of their jobs. What opportunities are there going to be for my kids if Silicon Valley (when they’re not spying on us) is trying to make most of the population redundant through robots and AI?