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Ran into something sort of interesting. A list of TV shows that were cancelled in 2017.What was interesting to me wasn’t the programs themselves but the fact that in this huge list of shows I only saw about ten percent of them. More surprising to me, I hadn’t even heard of about thirty percent of…

via — The Dark Herald

Like Cataline, I’d watched very few of these shows, but hell I don’t really watch any shows on NBCBSABCFOX.  I watched Last Man Standing streaming, but only after I’d heard it was cancelled. Watched a couple episodes of Zorn, OK not great. Mud-sharking his ex didn’t help. Bones has been on for 12 years? That shit got tired after season 2.

Look at the list linked at his site. Going just by the pictures how many of those shows do you think you would have watched? makes wonder how the pitch meeting for those shows went…



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