Michael Crichton On The Masculine Virtues Of Sean Connery

You don’t have to deify a man (which was not done here, thankfully) to realize he has some good things to teach you. I’ve enjoyed many Sean Connery movies, and many anecdotes about him as well. Seems like he was man who acted in films for a living, and not an “actor” who tried to be a man when he wasn’t pretending to be someone else.

He doesn’t hold grudges unless he intends to.  “I spent a lot of my life being miserable,” he says.  “Then one day I thought, I’m here for the day, I can enjoy the day or not.  I decided I might as well enjoy it.”  There is that quality about him, that sense of choice and control over himself and his moods.  It makes him integrated, self-assured.  The most common remark about him is “That’s a real man.”

Quintus Curtius

In his 1988 memoir Travels, author Michael Crichton recalls the time he spent with actor Sean Connery during the shooting of the film The Great Train Robbery in Ireland in 1978.  Crichton, the famed author of Jurassic Park, Sphere, Congo, Disclosure, and a number of other popular novels, was also once a film director.  Connery was the star of The Great Train Robbery, and Crichton clearly was in awe of the volcanic Scotsman.  The anecdotes he relates of Connery’s masculine charisma make it clear that men today can learn a great deal from him.

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Agnostic: Browning of America good for GOP — The Audacious Epigone

Agnostic regularly offers unique insights that are not found elsewhere. With thought-provoking takes so often unconventional, he can be forgiven for not bowling 300.But I’m compelled to take issue with his reading of the DACA showdown. Several months ago he asserted matter-of-factly that DACAmnesty was a foregone conclusion and that it would be bad for Democrats…

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Can’t see how things have changed all that much

Definition of feudalism for English Language Learners

  • : a social system that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages in which people worked and fought for nobles who gave them protection and the use of land in return

In the U.S. the government basically owns all the land. Don’t think so? Try not paying your taxes. Your land will be taken back by it’s true owner.

Our  nobles are basically the elites who run the government, media, and finance operations. We don’t have to bow to them, because the real “powers that be” would never be caught within 10000 feet of you. They are nameless and faceless and thus can never be deposed or beheaded.

The nobles back then technically owed the serfs protection. Today the children of lower and middle classes fight in wars around the globe that have little to do with protecting the legal rights or physical assets of rank and file citizens.

Nope, they may have churched it up a bit, but can’t see much difference between then and now.


Remember these delusional old broads?

Ageism in Dating

I just found Turd Flinging Monkey through Spawny’s Space (Thanks guys) and this is one the first videos I’ve listened to.


Had a older gal (who is probably 5-10 years younger than me) eye-balling me at the gym yesterday, but I just take it in stride. Myself, I was enjoying occasional glimpses of a blonde 19-20 yo girl, real nice back-side and legs doing some weird shit that may have been related to squats.

Here’s another blast from the past.


So you see, I’m not anything special, other than I acknowledge the obvious. Younger women will always be more attractive and have more value than older women. I won’t be shamed for thinking it either. Especially if you try to use a garbage line like this from the old broads article,

“But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Men, indoctrinated over generations to pursue younger women, are instinctively reluctant to consider those of a similar age to their own, even ones who look youthful and attractive.”. 

Well, which is it? Have I been indoctrinated or am I behaving instinctually? It can’t be both. Also, none of those women look youthful or attractive. Especially if you throw a young, attractive woman into the mix.

Here’s Jane:


At 48, Jane Townsend is beautiful, independent — and single. She keeps fit, takes great care of her appearance and is looking for a man who is active, in good shape, articulate and emotionally open.

Given her good looks and vivacious nature, eligible suitors must surely be beating a path to her door.

Jane is credited as being “beautiful, fit, vivacious”.

Here’s a young woman who could be waiting tables at a restaurant near you.


Which one is actually, beautiful and fit and possibly more “vivacious” as well ?

We’re done here.

The physical manifestation of the hot/crazy matrix. — Adam Piggott

Readers of this humble blog are probably familiar with the famous and scientifically verified “Hot/Crazy Matrix”. For those who haven’t seen it I’ll re-post it for you here. And for those who have seen it, you probably need to watch it again because us guys tend to forget important stuff like this. Courtesy of David […]

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Class And Beauty — Splendid Isolation

I think it was a year ago when some friends and I were talking about movies, actors and so on, and the question was asked: “If you were going to produce a movie which needed Grace Kelly as your female star, which modern-day actress could you cast in that role?” (Lest we forget, here are…

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Sela Ward really was a beautiful woman, but she’s 61 now. Can’t recall that she was really all that special as far as classy-ness goes. I remember reading an article about 20 years ago where the producers of the current James Bond film said they’s love to have Sela as their Bond girl, if she was 15-20 years younger, or something to that effect.

If with talking about pretty women with the last name of Ward, then my personal favorite is Rachel.

She was smoking hot in Steve Martin’s Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

Had terrible short hair for her a lot of her career. Too bad.