Remember these delusional old broads?

Ageism in Dating

I just found Turd Flinging Monkey through Spawny’s Space (Thanks guys) and this is one the first videos I’ve listened to.


Had a older gal (who is probably 5-10 years younger than me) eye-balling me at the gym yesterday, but I just take it in stride. Myself, I was enjoying occasional glimpses of a blonde 19-20 yo girl, real nice back-side and legs doing some weird shit that may have been related to squats.

Here’s another blast from the past.


So you see, I’m not anything special, other than I acknowledge the obvious. Younger women will always be more attractive and have more value than older women. I won’t be shamed for thinking it either. Especially if you try to use a garbage line like this from the old broads article,

“But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Men, indoctrinated over generations to pursue younger women, are instinctively reluctant to consider those of a similar age to their own, even ones who look youthful and attractive.”. 

Well, which is it? Have I been indoctrinated or am I behaving instinctually? It can’t be both. Also, none of those women look youthful or attractive. Especially if you throw a young, attractive woman into the mix.

Here’s Jane:


At 48, Jane Townsend is beautiful, independent — and single. She keeps fit, takes great care of her appearance and is looking for a man who is active, in good shape, articulate and emotionally open.

Given her good looks and vivacious nature, eligible suitors must surely be beating a path to her door.

Jane is credited as being “beautiful, fit, vivacious”.

Here’s a young woman who could be waiting tables at a restaurant near you.


Which one is actually, beautiful and fit and possibly more “vivacious” as well ?

We’re done here.

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