Is “the girlfriend experience” a thing of the past?

Women will do anything for top-tier men, and for the most part I would say its probably close to effortless for them as they really want to please those guys enough to get some commitment from them. However, I propose that “the girlfriend experience” is now out of reach for @ 80% of the male population. Women just aren’t willing to put in the effort of being pleasant, affectionate, thoughtful or enthusiastic with anyone they regard as less than a “rock star” level alpha.

When The Fuggernaut Meets The Unconverged Man — Chateau Heartiste

The monstrous clown world creation seethes at the sight of the soy-free, sexually dimorphic, JQ-pilled goy enjoying the rewards of obeying the natural order of the cosmos. PS more real-lulz:

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Any society that strives to make a “hero” out of a mentally ill person like Bruce Jenner is doomed.


P.S. Lose the beard, Mel. You look like a slightly less deranged David Letterman.

We must destroy the NCAA in order to save it

Look, the NCAA is a scam, a fraud, a racket. We all know this and yet it continues to exist because it produces entertainment that many people want to consume, and they can pretend that they’re supporting “student-athletes” while they do so. This needs to stop. Big-time college sports  are big-time business and the players need to get paid for the work they do that produces all the money for said business.

If you want to get back to real student-athlete college sports, killing the NCAA is a real good first step.

My Favorite Color — Splendid Isolation

I remember seeing this and laughing out loud: Ditto. I wish I knew the origins of my fatal attraction towards redheads. Was it first-grade crush Judy Hickman, who wouldn’t let me kiss her all the way through fifth grade, when I left the school, my longing forever unrequited? Or was it flame-haired teacher Miss Cooke,…

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With redheads you either win big or lose big, but mostly lose big. Nothing beats a truly beautiful redhead, but they are just a little less rare than hen’s teeth. There are an awful lot of unattractive redheads (especially the males), which might be one reason why they’re dying out.

Sophisticated Comedy — Splendid Isolation

Reader Harry F. writes: “In your rant about horrible modern movies, you mention the ‘sophisticated comedies’ of Ernst Lubitsch and Billy Wilder. Can you suggest some for me to watch? (I want recommendations because if they’re that good, I’d rather buy the DVD, but if I’m going to buy them, I don’t want to risk…

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The fact that he left off “Ninotcha” is quite troubling, but I’m definitely going to check out some of the movies here. I’ve only seen Tallulah Bankhead in Hitchcocks’s Lifeboat, where I thought she was terrific, so I’m probably trying that movie first.

Gun Grabber Round Up: 2/23 — The Dark Herald

Guess what else the Catamite News Network is burying?’He never went in’: Parkland school’s designated armed campus cop resigns as it emerges he ‘HID’ outside the school as 17 were killed and sheriff says 30-year veteran’s inaction makes him ‘sick’Marjory Stoneman Douglas’s resource officer Scot Peterson ‘never went in’ during the massacre. Instead of confronting…

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“Do you trust the government to do X?” is essentially the same question as “Are you an idiot?”, where yes is yes and no is no.

I become minutely famous on the Interweb!

I got a post linked here:

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Masculine By Design’s “The Neccesity Of Masculine Fathers In Modern Times’
  2. Wall Street Playboy’s “Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The ‘Millionaire Life’”
  3. The Savage Lifestyle’s “The Mindset Which Always Gets Me Laid”
  4. The Rational Male’s “Good Humans”
  5. Western Mastery’s “The Man’s Guide To Avoiding Xenoestrogens”
  6. Scott Adam’s Blog’s “How To Make Your Opponent Try (And Fail) To Prove A Negative”
  7. Didact’s Reach’s “Time Is On Your Side”
  8. Whores & Ale’s “Hollywood Got Something Right About Women”
  9. Axtschmiede’s “The Triggers Of Mind Control”
  10. Chateau Heartiste’s “Sex Based Differences Are Biological & Unchangeable”

That’s some pretty good company; Rollo, Didact, and CH.