Sexy 60 year old women, if you can buy that…

Oh good grief, here we come again: Sex is best in your SIXTIES: Survey finds 66-year-olds are the most satisfied in bed – and sex therapists say it makes senseThe eighth annual Singles in America survey was taken by more than 5,000 single people in the US. It found single women are having the best sex…

via Sexy Genarians — Splendid Isolation

Those are some nice Glamour Shots style pictures there, but what do they actually look like naked in bed? I’m a big Linda Carter fan, but I want her as she was 30-40 years ago.


And Marina Sirtis was NEVER attractive IMHO. Decent body, but her face? Come on, man.

2 thoughts on “Sexy 60 year old women, if you can buy that…

  1. Lynda Carter is still fine. So is Jane Seymour and Sela Ward. For sure I’d want to see them without the photoshopping and airbrushing and expertly applied cosmetics by professional Hollywood makeup artists.


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