3 thoughts on “We just don’t understand why that matters…

  1. To paraphrase the context of “Toxic masculinity”:

    Rippetoe says “We understand why you’re offended. We just don’t understand why that matters.

    “We understand that you’ve chosen to be offended. That’s your choice and you’re free to make it. Just don’t expect us to care.

    “Yes, that’s my opinion. And i hold it because it seems to be correct.”

    A lot more men need to take that attitude.

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  2. And let’s be honest here. The main reason why women think their offense matters is because most men show them that it does matter to them. The implied threat women always make is

    “pay attention to me, pay attention to my feelings, do everything you can to fix them and take care of them, and snap to when I tell you to. When I tell you to jump, you ask “how high”?

    “Because, dumbass, if you don’t, I will stop having sex with you. And I will break up with you and I will be fucking some other guy I want within 24 hours. I’ve got 2 or 3 men I’m in an emotional affair with/talking to/know of/work with who are waiting in the wings ready to take your place RIGHT NOW for the chance at a taste of this. You, on the other hand, will be dating Mary Jane Pentadigits for the next 6 months while you look to replace me.

    Look dumbass, we both know you have no options here. I hold all the cards, all the power, and you have none. So. Where were we? GET TO IT!!!”

    The answer is that men have to get to a position, the mindset, of just walking away and cutting a woman like that loose and going ghost.

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