I become minutely famous on the Interweb!

I got a post linked here:


Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Masculine By Design’s “The Neccesity Of Masculine Fathers In Modern Times’
  2. Wall Street Playboy’s “Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The ‘Millionaire Life’”
  3. The Savage Lifestyle’s “The Mindset Which Always Gets Me Laid”
  4. The Rational Male’s “Good Humans”
  5. Western Mastery’s “The Man’s Guide To Avoiding Xenoestrogens”
  6. Scott Adam’s Blog’s “How To Make Your Opponent Try (And Fail) To Prove A Negative”
  7. Didact’s Reach’s “Time Is On Your Side”
  8. Whores & Ale’s “Hollywood Got Something Right About Women”
  9. Axtschmiede’s “The Triggers Of Mind Control”
  10. Chateau Heartiste’s “Sex Based Differences Are Biological & Unchangeable”

That’s some pretty good company; Rollo, Didact, and CH.


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