Bad Hair Dames — Splendid Isolation

And lo, in the years of the 1930s there was inflicted upon women the hairstyle known as “curly bangs”; yea and even the most beauteous of them were made hideous by this fashion: And only in the 1940s did the ones known as “hair-stylists” get a clue and start to make amends: Dramatis personae,…

via Bad Hair Dames — Splendid Isolation

Garbo’s upper lip is too thin. Ninotchka is a top 10 movie for me. Funny and openly anti-communist in a way that wouldn’t be made today.

A big fan of Barbara Stanwyck’s performances (see Ball of Fire with Gary Cooper for example), though I don’t consider her a great beauty. Feel pretty much the same about Greer Garson.

1920’s were especially bad for women’s hair styles. Lots of short hair and stupid curls.

1920s Hairstyles History- Long Hair to Bobbed Hair

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