Who Runs Bartertown?

… I mean the Justice League.


Who is front and center?



Same question.






And really, it makes sense. She’s the most popular by far. Flash and Aquabro haven’t even has their own movies yet (boy are those gonna suck). At least GG is pretty. It’s not like tried to shoehorn Amy Schu-moo-mer into the outfit.

The 5 worst things about colleges in America


When parents and teachers urge kids to go to college, they visualize the success stories: kids who graduate on time with marketable degrees. If every student fit this profile, college would be an outstanding personal investment. Unfortunately, most students don’t fit this profile, and their returns are mediocre or worse. Indeed, plenty would be better off skipping college in favor of full-time employment. What’s going wrong? BRYAN CAPLAN, professor of economics at George Mason University and the author of “The Case Against Education: Why the Education System is a Waste of Time and Money” (Princeton University Press), out now, outlines the five worst things about today’s college education.


Hillary to get award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence


Lizabeth Cohen, the dean of the Radcliffe Institute, noted the award to Clinton was being made “in recognition of her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights, as a skilled legislator, and as an advocate for global American leadership.” Dean Cohen went on to describe Clinton as “a model of what it takes to transform society: a lifetime of relentless effort combined with the vision and dedication to overcome one’s inevitable defeats.”

The Crimson omitted any specifics about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as a “champion for human rights,” her prowess and achievements as a legislator, or the results of her advocacy of “American global leadership.” Nor did it dilate on her role as a “model” of someone whose efforts had transformed society while serving as beacon of hope and propriety for those struggling with life’s “inevitable defeats.”

Lots o’ fun facts about Hillary’s illustrious career both in private life and in the public eye, including this one which is new to me:

  • Since the Radcliffe Medal is so intimately associated with higher education, it also worth remembering Laureate Education’s Walden University, a Clinton-backed, for-profit university that paid $16 million to Bill Clinton to be honorary “chancellor” (no work required) while the State Department funneled $55 million of taxpayer funds to Laureate when Hillary was Secretary of State.



Science will soon have fix for all the Deplorables who make our country suck…





A joint team of American and British scientists have discovered that powerful magnetic pulses to the brain can temporarily change people’s feelings on a variety of subjects – from their belief in God, to their attitude to immigration.

The study, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, saw scientists use a metal coil to create strong magnetic fields around certain parts of the brain.

The non-invasive practice is called trancranial magnetic stimulation, and has can be used to treat depression.

However, researchers have now found that by targeting the part of the brain that deals with threats, they can temporarily change people’s beliefs and views.



Don’t worry, there is no possible way this could eve be used in a less than super-good-for-everybody manner.

Why do you want to go to college, again?

Hidden for most is the fact that while 88 percent of freshman now say that “getting a good job” is their primary motivation for going to college, only 27 percent of alumni report having a good job upon graduation.
MacArthur Genius Award-winner Raj Chetty and his research team made waves when they revealed that children’s prospects of earning more than their parents have fallen from 90 percent to 50 percent over the past half century. They also identified and ranked all colleges in the U.S. by how well they functioned as engines of upward mobility.

Stupid Time — Splendid Isolation

If you’re wondering why this post appeared earlier (or later) than you expected, it’s because you didn’t set your clocks forward. Words cannot describe my dislike for the foolishness known as “Daylight Savings Time” (or, as Drew Carey [?] once described it, “Making yourself taller by cutting off your head, then standing on it”). All…

via Stupid Time — Splendid Isolation

Yep, DST completely retarded. Save us, President DJT!