You Don’t Get to Have an Opinion

First, a word about women’s expectations. Women want the effervescent circus, to be childish, to have incessant fun, to be entertained, to show their ass (figuratively and literally) to who they want, how they want, and when they want… To not have to be introspective, to not have to consider consequences, to not be held accountable… In short, to remain ignorantly, blissfully immature. They actually expect this!



Here’s the thing. Lots of guys will put a with quite a lot of bullshit to be getting some regular sex with a girl they actually enjoy fucking. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with it, as long as the guy is getting what he wants and its not self-destructive over-all. BUT, if a woman really wants they guy to basically take care of everything, so that she gets to play manic pixie girl all day every day, then she doesn’t get to have an opinion on how he gets shit done. You don’t like the way I’m doing it honey, then do it your damn self.

I was gonna write a bunch of stuff about certain situations I have to deal with, but really, I think that’s all that’s needed. Don’t like how I’m doing it? I don’t care. You can just do it yourself then.



Σ Frame

Readership: Men in relationships with women they value.

An abridged version of this article was previously published by the author on Return of Kings:What To Do When A Girl Tries To Make You Jealous (April 15, 2018).

The outline of the present article is as follows.

  1. Introduction
  2. Is Jealousy really Love?
  3. Why does she play the jealousy game?
  4. How a man should react.
  5. Specific Points and Plays.
  6. What to do when (she says) you failed her (idealistic) expectations.
  7. Dealing with Dating Sites.
  8. Dealing with Exes.
  9. Conclusions

Edvard Munch Jealousy 1 “Jealousy” by Edvard Munch, ca. 1907.

1. Introduction

‘The Jealousy Game’ is a game that most women play at some point in a relationship, some more than others. The game works like this. She picks out another man, usually one she has at least a moderate degree of attraction towards, and she flirts with him, either by talking about him in an adoring…

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