More Evidence the Current Year Sucks…

This really just a throw-a-way, but even our garbage was better when I was younger.

Lion-O was the leader of the Thundercats, a goofy 1985 after school cartoon that sought to copy He-Man’s “cartoon as 22 minute toy commercial” success. But, still the characters were all either very male or very female, and the stories usually had a very clear good vs. evil lesson in them. Here is Lion-O in 1985.


Here he is in the 2018 version:


WTF? Yeah, the current year sucks.

Maybe All Is (Was) Not Lost…?




Idiot ssmith is down-voted at 6-1 clip. That’s a good sign.

Housewife heathertwra is up-voted at a 7-1 clip. That’s good too.

Xylia’s matter-of-fact observation is up-voted at 35-1 clip. That’s great!

But, this article is from 5 years ago, and I think things have gotten worse over-all since then, with feminist women generally getting crazier each and every day.

Chipotle tells Starbucks to “Hold my beer” Will Move HQ to California from Lower Taxed Denver

linked at Captain Capitalism’s site

Chipotle is known for its burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and salads, which are assembled to order in front of customers (who may later suffer from food-borne illnesses).


Female Fitness – She’s Doing It Wrong
















So, chunky girl loses the weight, but then goes overboard and wants to be a “body-builder”. Gross. Muscular woman are just gross. Female body-builders are disgusting; luckily that freak-show appears to be on its death-bed.

This is how far you can go ladies, and no farther. (Ugh, I still hate the fake tanning shit.)


Too Much



Why I’m Not Optimistic About Facebook, Google, Amazon Being Broken Up

So, its been twenty years since the Microsoft anti-trust lawsuit, and now there’s talk about the FTC going after Facebook, Google , and Amazon.

Wow, I wonder if they’ll get the same beat-down that Microsoft got 2 decades ago? Oh, wait…