Most Difficult Job On The Planet…

Dalrock has a post about new movie where Charlize Theron shits on motherhood.

Oh, being a mother is sooooo hard. Fuck that noise. My wife worked nights for a decade when our kids born/very little, so I basically did 80% of the “mothering” and worked full time. I KNOW everything that mothers do (or don’t do) because I DID IT. SAHMs got it relatively easy, but women have to bitch about everything…

Before Bill Burr got all squishy he used to be a really funny guy and had some good stuff to say about this topic.




10 thoughts on “Most Difficult Job On The Planet…

  1. motherhood has its seasons. i remember reading something when i was pregnant the first time or soon after she was born that said to be very quiet about your baby if they’re good in a stage b/c chances are likely that they’ll hit a wild stage, and you’ll have to eat your words 😉

    i definitely think men are better at handling a lot of things than women. but i wonder . . .

    Genesis 3:16 To the woman he said,

    “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    Your desire will be for your husband,
    and he will rule over you.”

    i heard once that the pain in childbearing is not simply childbirth but in raising a child. i believe that’s true. the bible says, “Mary pondered these things in her heart.” i think we Mammas ponder things and dwell on things emotionally, and it’s often painful in a way hard to explain. i know there have been things about our girls that caused me a weird pain that didn’t affect their dad at all.

    so … not saying all those memes aren’t over-dramatized … but i wonder if they come from this place in a mom where there is pain … and that it’s supposed to be painful and difficult b/c of the fall and curse … and if women understood that and accepted it and leaned into it rather than fighting it, it might make things better – at least give a better perspective, which is often everything. … just things i ponder.


    • Life is hard. I’ve buried a child. If it wasn’t for my other kids I think I would have killed myself to end the pain from the grief of that loss, and the rage over how it happened. There isn’t day goes by that the thought doesn’t pop into my head. But, since I’m a man, no one really gives a shit. I am just supposed to “get over it” and get on with my job/responsibilities, so when I hear about “women’s pain” I really don’t give a ______.


  2. Well, i do have something to say.

    But, since I’m a man, no one really gives a shit. I am just supposed to “get over it” and get on with my job/responsibilities, so when I hear about “women’s pain” I really don’t give a ______.

    This was one of the hardest things to deal with for me. I hurt. And no one cares. Not even Mom and Dad. Not my siblings. Not even my wife. Not even my close friends. Certainly not my coworkers/peers.

    My mom and dad cared that I obeyed and performed at school. My siblings cared that I left them alone, or protected them. My wife cares only that I don’t die and that I continue supporting her and the kids. My close friends care the most; but they have their own things to deal with. My coworkers/peers care that the work gets done.

    I have to keep going through the pain. I cannot let the pain stop me. I have to perform. I have to carry my burden of performance, regardless of whether it hurts, whatever else is going on, and whether anyone helps. I have no one to help with the pain, and no one I can talk to about the pain. Because it doesn’t matter to anyone but me. I have to just keep going in spite of it all.

    For women: The entire world exists to help them with their pain. There are entire support system infrastructures to help women with pain, to alleviate it, and to protect them from it. All the world listens to them talk about, commiserate, and “work through” their pain. There is money to pay for others to help them.

    Not for us men. We still have to get up and slog through, with no help and no understanding.

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    • Deti – i agree. and it’s terrible.

      i was talking to the adult daughter of a man i know whose wife (daughter’s mother) left him for another man when his daughter was little. she said, “Daddy just needs to get over it and move on.” no matter what i said to her, she wouldn’t hear it. Mama moved on (ye-ah … that she did so when she was still married to Daddy didn’t count!) so Daddy should move on, too.

      and by ‘move-on’ and ‘just get over it’ she meant that it shouldn’t ever bother him anymore … that he shouldn’t hurt anymore – cause if he does, there’s something wrong with him … that he should forgive and love everybody and never give it another thought.

      she refused to listen. the truth didn’t matter. she and her Mama are bff’s, so she’s on Mama’s side.

      imho, these things are much harder on men than women. perhaps that’s b/c we, as a culture, have taken away the right for men to hurt, or perhaps simply b/c it is. either way, it’s wrong.

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