Pretty Sure Young People Will Still Want To Eat, Guy


This is a perfect example of how people can rationalize anything in the name of greed and profits. While Mike Rowe is trying to get more people into the trade jobs that could earn them a living, dip-shits like this guy are trying to kill those same jobs so they can get rich themselves.


6 thoughts on “Pretty Sure Young People Will Still Want To Eat, Guy

  1. Yeah it aint going to end well as neither major poltical party wants to address the issue in any serious manner

    Best two things I’ve seen is universal basic income ie Charles Maury and the notion that individual people own the robots doing the work and draw an income from that vs the corporations owning the robots

    Both have down sides of course but ending automation won’t work either unless we get serious about having an eccnmoic empire that brings how the loot to every day citizens


      • Well ubi via Charles Muary is revune and cost nuteral. It does away with all other transfer payments and most of that part of the government that handles transfer payments

        Sort of like the fair tax of transfer payments


  2. I read this:
    and frankly its not a very persuasive argument. In some states the sum value of welfare payments each year is as much as $60,000 ( $883 a month isn’t going to cut it. Which isn’t to say that the whole idea needs to be scrapped, but it definitely needs a lot more work.

    Getting rid of all the social services admins is music to my ears all on it’s own. Social workers are often some of the most self-righteous idiots you’d ever meet.


    • Ubi wouldn’t replace the need to work. Isn’t desgined to. Can’t recall but I think everyone would get like 1300 a month. Couple that with the fair tax pre-bate deal and I think most folks could get by comfortably with a minimum wage job at no additional cost to tax payers

      Don’t want to swear to any of that since I haven’t read either book in many a year.

      Either way I haven’t heard any really good ideas or anyone really taking the whole what do do about automation serious


      • I think TPTB don’t want to bring it (AI, Automation) up, hoping people won’t really be paying attention and will be get used to the idea. That plan has worked plenty of times before.


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