Maybe All Is (Was) Not Lost…?




Idiot ssmith is down-voted at 6-1 clip. That’s a good sign.

Housewife heathertwra is up-voted at a 7-1 clip. That’s good too.

Xylia’s matter-of-fact observation is up-voted at 35-1 clip. That’s great!

But, this article is from 5 years ago, and I think things have gotten worse over-all since then, with feminist women generally getting crazier each and every day.

2 thoughts on “Maybe All Is (Was) Not Lost…?

  1. Your observations of the voting trends on those comments really indicates how most people feel about the issues. The inconsistency arises because the decision makers in law, government and media are not among the majority in their views. Recent events, like Trump’s election, and the NFL revising their rules over athlete’s conduct, shows that the power holders and policy makers can only get away with so much. Thank God!

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  2. I guess I’m a jerk.

    I have no sympathy for the Karen Crosses of the world. These are women who had good men. These are women who treated those good men like shit. These are women who blew it all up because no tingles.

    Their plights are of their own making. Let them cry themselves to sleep in the vermin-infested beds they made.

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