The Reason More People Don’t Ride Motorcycles Is That Most People Haven’t Ridden A Motorcycle

Just coming back from the gym yesterday, it finally occurred to me, as I’m sure it’s occurred to many other riders, that the only reason we don’t outnumber cars 10-1 on the road is that most people have just never experienced the joy of a good ride on a nice day.

Motorcycles are so obviously the rational response to most traffic issues anywhere in the country, that you just know there must be a conspiracy going on. : ) Fuel economy alone would surely make it a national security gold star winner. Screw fighting over foreign oil fields.

Sure we’ll still need to have cars and trucks, but most people in large parts of the country could comfortably commute many if not most days by motorcycle, and they’d probably be a lot happier doing it too, so less road rage. It’s a win-win-win!


You Can’t Spell Dishonest Without CNN -James Gunn Edition

CNN Headline:

Chris Pratt and more break silence after James Gunn fired from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’


What Chris Pratt actually tweeted:

A single bible verse urging people not to rush to judgement too quickly.

Dave Bautista has two much longer tweets, but you don’t really know who he is do you? Is he the raccoon? Is he the tree?


Well, Dave, when the# cybernazis come for me it won’t be for tweeting hundreds of pro-rape and pro-pedophilia comments.


Zoe Saldana kicks in:

Meh. Still more substantive than a short bible quote.


But, Chris Pratt is the big name, so he goes into the headline. Journalism, folks, Journalism.



Welcome To Dairy Queen!

Does this say Hollywood Movie Star!!! to you?

It sure as hell doesn’t to me. But, what I find truly fascinating is that better faces than this one will be asking thousands of people today, “Did you want to make that a combo?” or “Do you have your Kroger’s card with you?”.

I rag on JLaw especially because of her Kentucky connections and her rather plain face, not because I think she’s really any crazier than other actresses. There was a girl working at the nearest DQ last summer that was easily twice as pretty as JLaw, and I’ve no doubt she could act just as convincingly.

For The First And Probably Last Time On This Blog: “Good For Her”

REVEALED: Father, 31, arrested after furious waitress slammed him to the floor for groping her backside was on DATE NIGHT with the mother of his twin girls

What a dip-shit. He must have been loaded to think he could pull that shit off and get away with it. Stupid. Spent two nights in jail. Fuck that’s unwarranted. Gonna have to register as a sex offender and probably lose his job. Guess he has no clue its the Current Year.

Of course, this does not mean I’m a fan of tatted-up ho-looking beer-tub girl, but keep your hands to yourself schlub.

Also, who gives a shit he’s a father? What does that have to do with anything? Stalin had 4 kids, and Mao had 10. Is he supposed to super respectful of women because he has daughters?

Those Amazing Women…

Post at Airstrip One has one of my favorite female cliches, the amazing woman who can’t get a date.

Another caller, “in my church in Marin, all the single guys don’t ask any of us girls out….we are so amazing, have so much to offer……and the guys are wimps!”

I can’t help but wonder what makes those women “amazing”. I consider myself, through much dint of effort, to be “solid”, even though I have actually, personally saved lives.

Here’s some women who are truly amazing. I think I have a pretty good guess as to how those Bay Area females would stack up against them.


If They Were Really Sincere They Would Just Kill Themselves …

Ex-President Obama recently gave a speech in which he said,Democracy demands getting inside “the reality of people who are different than us.””You can’t do it if you insist that those who aren’t like you because they’re white, or because they’re male…that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters.”This bit of obvious advice seems…

via The NEA Ignores Obama’s Advice On Race — Scareduck Blog

Seems like the NEA funding should take a hit with the recent Supreme Court decision, but most teachers are mush-headed leftists from the get-go so we’ll just have to wait and see.