You Can’t Spell Dishonest Without CNN -James Gunn Edition

CNN Headline:

Chris Pratt and more break silence after James Gunn fired from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’


What Chris Pratt actually tweeted:

A single bible verse urging people not to rush to judgement too quickly.

Dave Bautista has two much longer tweets, but you don’t really know who he is do you? Is he the raccoon? Is he the tree?


Well, Dave, when the# cybernazis come for me it won’t be for tweeting hundreds of pro-rape and pro-pedophilia comments.


Zoe Saldana kicks in:

Meh. Still more substantive than a short bible quote.


But, Chris Pratt is the big name, so he goes into the headline. Journalism, folks, Journalism.



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