The Reason More People Don’t Ride Motorcycles Is That Most People Haven’t Ridden A Motorcycle

Just coming back from the gym yesterday, it finally occurred to me, as I’m sure it’s occurred to many other riders, that the only reason we don’t outnumber cars 10-1 on the road is that most people have just never experienced the joy of a good ride on a nice day.

Motorcycles are so obviously the rational response to most traffic issues anywhere in the country, that you just know there must be a conspiracy going on. : ) Fuel economy alone would surely make it a national security gold star winner. Screw fighting over foreign oil fields.

Sure we’ll still need to have cars and trucks, but most people in large parts of the country could comfortably commute many if not most days by motorcycle, and they’d probably be a lot happier doing it too, so less road rage. It’s a win-win-win!


5 thoughts on “The Reason More People Don’t Ride Motorcycles Is That Most People Haven’t Ridden A Motorcycle

  1. I have (had) a car and a couple motorcycles. Once, I compared a cost analysis of car and motorcycle. I found that a car costs about 10 times as much as a motorcycle, and that goes for every single expense – initial purchase price, maintenance costs, fuel costs, taxes, registration, insurance… Shortly after that, I sold my car and I ride my bike everywhere now.

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  2. The thing that convinced me to sell my car was discovering that the money I would save by riding my bike instead of driving my car would be enough to buy another used bike after only 5-1/2 months!

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