If You Were Thinking of Making An “Enemies of the American Middle Class” List, This Would Be a Good Place To Start


The cheap-labor demand from U.S. and Indian outsourcing companies was delivered by the Business Roundtable to Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at the Department of Homeland Defense. Nielsen’s chief of staff formerly lobbied for two of the Indian firms who signed the letter.

The Roundtable signers also include CEOs at IBM, Mastercard, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase & Co., PepsiCo, Visa, and Verizon, as well as the progressive CEOs of Apple and Salesforce.

The CEO of Internet giant Cisco Systems also signed, even though his company is reportedly facing an investigation from the Department of Labor for its alleged discrimination against American college graduates by favoring cheap Indian software programmers.

Click to access Immigration.Nielsen%20Letter%2008232018.pdf

Every person and company on that letter should be anathema to you and yours. And that POS eGOP Kansas Rep. should be outsourced to Mexico. Pronto.

Speaking Of Noodle-Armed Techie Geeks…


Heck – there’s probably grow’d up Nancy-boys out there right now… wouldn’t even know how to drive a stick shift.  Three pedals on the floor… is one too many.  Yeah – the only thing you Yuppie boys ever grinded… was expensive coffee beans.  It’s sad.  I’m telling you – it’s sad.

It’s like this… the automotive makers say people don’t want to drive a stick shift anymore… on account of – with all the electronics in the car – they’ve got a lot of other stuff to do.

Yeah – apparently oozing testosterone… would not be included on that list.

Can’t drive a stick, better turn in your dick.


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Why does tech have so many political problems? — Isegoria

Why does tech have so many political problems? Tyler Cowen suggests some reasons: Most tech leaders aren’t especially personable. Instead, they’re quirky introverts. Or worse. Most tech leaders don’t care much about the usual policy issues. They care about AI, self-driving cars, and space travel, none of which translate into positive political influence. Tech leaders are…

via Why does tech have so many political problems? — Isegoria

Tech has a lot of problems these days mainly because ( as Ton would say) its mostly neck-bearded, skinny jeans-wearing pussies. Sure a lot of the old guys who actually invented things like the chips and memory stuff were actually real men, but those days are long gone. Software is a pussy business, run by pussies, employing mainly pussies, of both the literal and figurative varieties.

Lots of tech companies aren’t really tech at all. Google, Facebook,  and Twitter are all ADVERTISING companies. Netflix is an entertainment studio/channel, no different from HBO. Apple makes mostly consumer devices, but if you think tape-recorders and film projectors are “tech” than I guess they’re in. Amazon is a sold as an on-line store, but actually does make most of its profit selling tech services to other companies and is the one Tech company of the bunch.

Code geeks can hack into a bank or utility, but can’t change a tire or wire a light socket. (Look up the Windows Engineer broke down car joke.) Some of ’em fool around with nerdy stuff like soldering and Nixie tubes, but they can’t hammer a nail or saw a board to measure.




The One Where I Improve A Meme 1000 Fold

I think this meme is pretty good:


It really describes the way a lot of women “think” and makes me glad I gave up trying to understand them. BUT, it’s really lacking in one area that makes think that maybe some “red-pill woman” came up with it. Now the lacking element really should be pretty damn obvious to any guy checking this out given the text, but I’ll make it easy one the wimmenz and manginas. What its missing is ………















A (Very) Brief Conversation With Socialism

@Socialism, “For our Utopian society to work we need you to be our slave, Headhunter.”

@HH, “Hrrrmmm, so there are slaves in Utopia? Why the hell would I want to be your slave?”

@Socialism, “Because then you would get the benefits of living in our Utopian society!”

@HH, “The Utopian society where I’m a slave?”

@Socialism, “Yes!”, Socialism chirps giddily.

@HH, “Hey, look over there! It’s a baby wolf!”


Sound of sharp blade slicing through the air, and then through something more solid, followed by a thunk sound, quickly followed a slumpety sound, and then a brief gurgling sound.

Moral of story: It’s always good to have baby wolf around when you need one.