Why does tech have so many political problems? — Isegoria

Why does tech have so many political problems? Tyler Cowen suggests some reasons: Most tech leaders aren’t especially personable. Instead, they’re quirky introverts. Or worse. Most tech leaders don’t care much about the usual policy issues. They care about AI, self-driving cars, and space travel, none of which translate into positive political influence. Tech leaders are…

via Why does tech have so many political problems? — Isegoria

Tech has a lot of problems these days mainly because ( as Ton would say) its mostly neck-bearded, skinny jeans-wearing pussies. Sure a lot of the old guys who actually invented things like the chips and memory stuff were actually real men, but those days are long gone. Software is a pussy business, run by pussies, employing mainly pussies, of both the literal and figurative varieties.

Lots of tech companies aren’t really tech at all. Google, Facebook,  and Twitter are all ADVERTISING companies. Netflix is an entertainment studio/channel, no different from HBO. Apple makes mostly consumer devices, but if you think tape-recorders and film projectors are “tech” than I guess they’re in. Amazon is a sold as an on-line store, but actually does make most of its profit selling tech services to other companies and is the one Tech company of the bunch.

Code geeks can hack into a bank or utility, but can’t change a tire or wire a light socket. (Look up the Windows Engineer broke down car joke.) Some of ’em fool around with nerdy stuff like soldering and Nixie tubes, but they can’t hammer a nail or saw a board to measure.




9 thoughts on “Why does tech have so many political problems? — Isegoria

  1. This story .. is a lil personal.

    My youngest brother is a commie lovin’ jackass. He has 2 Masters Degree’s and makes about 225-250k/yr before bonuses.

    We don’t speak .. it’s been that way for over 10 years. He’s 10 years younger than me and knows if we go to war (again) I’ll hunt’em down and put his lights out.

    He is a Software guy that can pick when and where he works.

    He wouldn’t know the outdoors if it bite him the arse. He couldn’t change a car tire if his life depended on it. Because it’s beneath him. He lives in the Washington DC area now.

    I can’t pin down what happenwd because my parents did a fine job on 3 (outta 4) boys. I think they got the girl they always wanted after all.

    BTW if you have an expensive car you want wrecked .. just let him drive it .. he is any vehicles worst nightmare.


  2. interesting. i did not know this … i only know that technology continuously changes, and i can hardly keep up 🙂

    my oldest best friend’s dad is a techie … she grew up with computers in the home in the 70’s and 80’s. there were five in the family – dad, mom, brother, sister, and my bff. sister had mental disorders caused by things that happened around childbirth – very sad, but she was a delight. father also raced cars and always had one in the garage he was working on. i don’t remember what kind he raced, i only know he did. he could fix anything in their home and did – always a project going. my friend married a techie who was similar in that he can fix things as well as do tech stuff – it’s all over my head. so when i think of techie people, they’re who i think of.

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  3. I have a relative who was one of the 1st computer engineers around.

    And back then they had to be good at doing shit because no one was putting them on pedestals….. just like when my maternal grandfather was building nuclear war heads and shit. Sure he had a phd, he was also required to be a d3cnet welder and turn wrenches etc etc

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