Speaking Of Noodle-Armed Techie Geeks…


Heck – there’s probably grow’d up Nancy-boys out there right now… wouldn’t even know how to drive a stick shift.  Three pedals on the floor… is one too many.  Yeah – the only thing you Yuppie boys ever grinded… was expensive coffee beans.  It’s sad.  I’m telling you – it’s sad.

It’s like this… the automotive makers say people don’t want to drive a stick shift anymore… on account of – with all the electronics in the car – they’ve got a lot of other stuff to do.

Yeah – apparently oozing testosterone… would not be included on that list.

Can’t drive a stick, better turn in your dick.


h/t to honeycomb

4 thoughts on “Speaking Of Noodle-Armed Techie Geeks…

  1. Speakin’ of triggerin folks .. Poor Jack ..

    This shouldn’t trigger anyone .. but .. I guess you can’t safe-space an already Explicit Company name .. like .. Jack in the Box ™ .. wait for the “inane sexual innuendoes” (1) to continue in the ad below.

    “Although the chain is sticking by this TV spot, the commercial remains “unlisted” on YouTube for now.

    You go ahead and push you Jack in the Box Bowls .. cuz them #METOO idiots need to “lighten up (francis)”.

    (1) https://www.eater.com/pop-culture/2018/8/8/17663850/jack-in-the-box-offensive-bowl-commercial

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