Attacking Trump’s “Trade War” With China Means Exposing Yourself As A Globalist. Yes, It Does.

Why is Trump fighting the trade war?  Here’s why.

Critics of Trump’s trade policies think everything is okay if we don’t do anything.  The chart below shows that everything is not okay if we don’t do anything.

This is a chart of capital spending in the U.S. from 1968 through to the present.  It is a straightforward presentation of monthly data from the Commerce Department.  There is nothing clever, nothing tricky about this presentation or about the time frame chosen.  The Commerce Department started this series in 1968.  It superseded another series on capital spending.

Although it is a single series of data, the chart is essentially in two parts, split in the year 2000.  There is no manipulation to achieve this effect.  This is how the data lay out, which is why this chart is so significant.

From 1968 into 2000, you see beautiful, real-world steady growth (i.e., “steady” interspersed with recessions).  The red trendline is a trendline of constant percentage growth year to year (i.e., exponential).  When you calculate it, it turns out to be 6% per year.  This is roughly twice GDP annual growth over the same period.  There is no specific significance to that 2X factor except that we would expect capital spending to grow faster than the economy as a whole, as, in fact, it did.

Why is this growth in capital spending important?  Even in our increasingly service-oriented economy, it is capital spending – the stock of capital equipment – that sustains our standard of living.  Healthy capital spending is critical to – really identical with – a thriving economy.  This is why the flat capital spending that America has experienced since 2000 is so grave a condition.

American Thinker readers will be surprised to learn that they are now the only people in the country, aside from this author, who have seen this chart.  I could not be more serious when I say that.

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“The Media Should Lie Harder To White People”

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Klein eventually seems to endorse the stratagem offered by his favorite researcher, Jennifer Richeson: The media should lie harder to white people.

Richeson believes it would be wise for demographers to stop using terms like “majority-minority America”—after all, whites will still be a plurality, and what good can come of framing America’s trajectory in a way that leaves the single largest group feeling maximally threatened? It sounds like “a force of nonwhite people who are coming and they are working as a coalition to overturn white people and whiteness,” Richeson said, laughing. “That’s a problem!”

But for the Democrats, of course, that’s not a problem; that’s the plan.

Richeson’s research shows that if you can add reassurance to discussions of demographic change—telling people, for instance, that the shifts are unlikely to upend existing power or economic arrangements—the sense of threat, and the tilt toward racial and political conservatism, vanishes.

Of course, that’s a lie:

The problem, she admits, is, “we can’t say, ‘Don’t worry, white people, you’ll be okay…’”

The problem for the Democrats is the media also can’t resist simultaneously stoking antiwhite hatred. White people can click not only on the propaganda intended to lull them into submission but also on all the antiwhite triumphalism, such as this week’s TV series from Jay-Z: Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.

Now, you might think that Rest in Peace would be a proper title for a show about that unfortunate tragedy. But there’s big money in gratifying black megalomania these days, so it’s Rest in Power.

A likely outcome not explicitly considered by Klein is what I call Flight From White.

Klein raises a rationalization popular among his Vox colleagues:

Demographers can and do disagree over whether these projections will hold. Perhaps Hispanic whites will begin identifying simply as whites in the coming years, much as the Irish became white in the 20th century.

Still, the problem for Democrats is that they have lashed their brand to blacks, who tend to see themselves as deserving of vast power and acclaim without showing much competence in exercising it. For instance, the Obama Administration’s catastrophic Black Lives Matter campaign against the cops has already gotten thousands of additional blacks murdered by other blacks.


-end quote

Headhunter says:

So when Jim Acosta is weeping his girly tears about how the media is being attacked as Fake News, and how worried he is about being beaten to a pulp by white supremacists, pointing out to him and the rest of the media that they only have themselves to blame is just wasting your time.

Well, Lady, I Can Be Of Help Here…

The Washington Post writes of Brigitte Adams, a vocal and influential feminist who encouraged women to put off raising a family and focus on their careers instead. Her slogan was the catchy “Freeze your eggs, Free your career.” Several years later, Brigitte has found herself a victim of her own advice.Her story was one of empowerment, how…

via Another victory for Mother Nature — The Irish Savant

I like my title better, though I cribbed it from Savant’s post.

A “Cure” For Diabetes?

The 100-year-old BCG vaccine against tuberculosis can reverse Type 1 diabetes to almost undetectable levels, an eight-year study has shown: Used for almost a century to prevent tuberculosis, the BCG vaccine helps boost and regulate the immune system. The team also discovered that the jab speeds up the rate by which cells convert glucose into…

via An old tuberculosis vaccine can reverse Type 1 diabetes — Isegoria

The new study involved 52 people with Type 1 diabetes. After three years of treatment average blood sugar levels had dropped by 10 per cent and by 18 per cent after four years. Treated participants had an average blood glucose score of 6.65, close to the 6.5 considered the threshold for diabetes diagnosis.

In comparison, the blood sugar of those in the placebo group continued to rise over the trial period.


That would be really incredible, but the FDA will be dragging it’s feet on this at the behest of the medical supply industry. Lots of money being made on diabetes supplies and co-morbidity treatments.

The article references a placebo group, but I would have liked a low-carb diet group as well for comparison.

I have no idea why this post looks like this with the dark background and all…