It’s Ok To Be A Frogman

They are everywhere, these Frogmen Nationalists with their sinister hand sign suggesting, “It is OK to be a Frogman.” Viewers are advised to remain calm but to report any and all sightings to the Coast Guard and/or Strategic Air Command. Likely causes include climate change and Trump.

Some of my best friends are frogmen, just kidding, we’re hill people. Ma wouldn’t let us talk to no lake-bottom frog-folk. Even so, some of them gals were awful pretty.

No front-hole, but the top-hole works good enough.

28 thoughts on “It’s Ok To Be A Frogman

  1. LOL .. As a US Navy Submariner .. I went to scuba training to perform security sweeps on our Fast Attack Sub .. it’s true .. Divers do it deeper (just like Submariners) .. HEH!

    Long live da frog-man!

    Lets see .. I flew airplanes to more than 51k feet .. I rode sub’s to extreme depths .. hmmmmmm

    I’m almost a super hero .. heh .. thanks to modern technology.

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      • I was thinking the other day, if the Punisher was real he’d be going after the Clintons, CNN, MSNBC, Colbert, Oliver, Bee, most of Congress, etc., etc., etc…

        My file / book is over-flowing in a local .. regional .. state kinda way .. but I’m still keepin a global-file just in-case I make it that far ..

        As for being real (re: The Punisher) .. I believe a lot of punishers are awaiting activation. Words have failed. Blood will flow. Lives must be paid in full to restore balance.

        It won’t take much to start this fire. It has way to much dead-wood (i.e. fuel) not to rage once started.


    • “Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards, or resistance against established authority.”

      If Trump were the monster the CNN types makes him out to be, this guy would already be cooling on a slab somewhere. Or maybe he’d get a one-way ticket on Pinochet Airlines.


      • I’ve sir-mizzed that 2 or more links is an automatic DQ .. but not always.

        3 or more is almost always a 3 minute penality box infraction .. [1]

        [1) I’m not a hockey fan .. but in years past I’ve attended a good number of games .. they are always entertaining.


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