Princess Thot-ful Hits The Wall



“The dream that I’ve had sine I was a little girl … And the dream is quite simple. To hold the baby born of the man that I love and care deeply for.”

Gosh. That’s a beautiful sentiment. Too bad she didn’t focus on that and now wants to blame society for not having what she “really” wanted. Seems like she’s in the “epiphany phase” as described by Rollo and others, but she has gotten there a few years (She’s 26 I think) before the usual age of 28-29. No matter, her VBYs (Very Best Years, 18-22) are all gone and if she got married tomorrow, the beta-bucks guy would just get an extra 24 months or so of the less steep part of the downward curve of her SMV.

“I don’t wanna play victim” but she’s gonna go ahead and play victim.

Her sister is correct. She’s wasting her time with this Youtube bullshit.

N.B. She’s calling this her quarter-life crisis. Hope she’s not a Math Professor, as most women in Aussie-land only live for 84.8 years (still better than U.S. females at 81.0).

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