The 3 Great Untruths of Modern Education

Universities and the ‘Coddling’ of the American Mind

The root of the problem, argue Lukianoff and Haidt, is that parents, teachers, professors and college administrators have been leading young people to believe Three Great Untruths.

The first of those is, as they call it, the Untruth of Fragility. That is the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, and therefore young people must be protected against everything from a stray peanut to hearing any “hateful” ideas. Drawing an analogy to the human immune system, which can’t develop unless it occasionally has something to fight against, the authors say that trying to shield students against stressful ideas results in their weakness and anxiety. And when students haven’t learned to cope with ideological adversity, they’re apt to retreat into “safe spaces” or lash out with anger or even violence.

The second great untruth is that you should trust and follow your emotions. Emotions frequently get in the way of sound reasoning, but young people are often told that because theyfeel that something is true, then it really is true. Therefore, if you feel that someone has committed a “microaggression” against you, then he has. You need not weigh the matter, asking if you might have misunderstood the person or are judging too hastily. Just follow your emotions and fight back.

And third is the Us Versus Them Untruth—the erroneous view that the world is divided into good people and evil people. You need to side with the Good and battle the Evil. Once that mentality soaks in, there is no need for dialogue or debate since everything the other side might say will be lies and propaganda. Consequently, we see a tribal mindset emerging in some young people that reduces everything to the black and white.

I’d summarize them thusly:

  1. You are constantly under assault and must protect yourselves against the “bad ideas”. We, the educators, will tell you what the “bad ideas” are.
  2. Feeling is superior to thinking. Do what feels right for you in the moment. Thinking is dangerous.
  3. All interactions are Oppressor vs. Oppressed. If you are white (and especially a white male) you are the oppressor. Everyone else is a victim.

No Bikinis = No Ratings

The number of viewers who tuned in to the ABC’s screening of the beauty competition plummeted 36 percent in ratings compared to last year – which was already a record-low performance. Last year’s beauty contest also squared off against the first Sunday of the NFL regular season – but at least there were supple young ladies wearing bikinis back then.

In a bow to the #MeToo phenomenon, the Miss America Organization announced in June that it was eliminating the swimsuit portion of the event as well as tweaking the evening gown section – declaring that candidates “will no longer be judged on outward physical appearance.”

The swimsuit portion WAS the pageant and vice-versa. No swimsuits, no pageant, dumbasses.

I didn’t know Miss America was even going to be on, but then I don’t watch TV much so no surprise.

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Fame Whore Motto #1: Never Learn!

No matter how crazy she may be, a good-looking girl can get plenty of carousel rides, and enjoy a lot of “romantic journeys” that never last more than a few months. By the time she grows tired of riding, however, she’s become accustomed to dating only high-status men, and guys like that are seldom eager to make a flaky bimbo their “life partner.”

And in the case of Julia Baugher, it certainly did not help that she went out of her way to publicize herself as a flaky bimbo. When she said, inthat 2008 interiew, that she felt it was “entirely possible I’m ruining my life,” she should have trusted that feeling. It may have already been too late, by then, for her to undo the damage she’d done to her own reputation, or to reform the bad habits she’d developed.

Even bettah:

The story of that debacle is highlighted by Melayna Lokosky who calls Julia Baugher “the poster child for The Sociopathic Business Model.” Ms. Lovosky is a corporate whistleblower-turned-consultant who specializes in protecting against a type of fraud where would-be entrepreneurs use exaggerated promises to attract venture capital. “Fraud fears facts,” as Ms. Lokosky says, and one way scammers seek to suppress the “negative truth” about themselves is to denigrate as “haters” any truth-teller who tries to hold them accountable. This resembles the tactics of DARVO (Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim and Offender) in which wrongdoers play the victim by maligning the motives of their accusers.

In the case of Julia Baugher, the people she calls “haters” are the operators and commenters at a blog called RebloggingDonk which has chronicled and mocked everything she’s done for years. All her failures and excuses, every attempt to “re-invent” herself — RebloggingDonk is the dossier, the archival source on Miss Baugher’s spectacular descent from Manhattan socialite to . . . well, what is she anymore?

For two years, she was a fixture on the hippie festival circuit, following around her DJ boyfriend “Rain Phutureprimitive” (a/k/a Chad McNally) but that ended last year when he decided he was into “polyamory” (a/k/a, screwing around, threesomes, orgies, etc.). In June, in a column for theNew York Post, Miss Baugher said she had recently “started seeing someone I never would have dated 10 years earlier,” a guy she called “a very reasonable choice.” Guess how that turned out?

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The Meal Gaze


Feminist wimmenz always seem to be complaining about something, and at one time “the male gaze” was near the top of the worst things evah. As per usual, the wimmenz suck at threat assessment. Having some guy casually check your tits or ass is not going to cause you to get cancer, dummy. No, the thing you really want to avoid is being subject to “the meal gaze”. A girl in CO told me a story about putting her car in a snow drift and having to walk a mile back to her house. The whole time she was singing to herself, and making noise to keep up her courage as she was worried a puma was going to jump on her back and rip her head off, which was a real possibility.

I keep thinking that if we would just put most women “outside the walls” for a night or two, all this feminist bullshit would be over by the weekend. Of course, any of them that survive  the experience may not be worth much after, but as the saying goes, “pour encourager les autres”.