Are All Women Sociopaths?

Maybe not, but this one sure seems to be.

As Carreyrou writes, the company she built was just a pile of one deceit atop another. When Holmes courted Walgreens, she created completely false test results from their blood tests. When the company’s chief financial officer found out, Holmes fired him on the spot. Holmes told other investors that Theranos was going to make $100 million in revenue in 2014, but in reality the company was only on track to make $100,000 that year. She told the press that her blood-testing machine was capable of making over 1,000 tests, when in reality, it could only do one single type of test. She lied about a contract Theranos had with the Department of Defense, when she said her technology was being used in the battlefield, even though it was not. She repeatedly made up complete stories to the press about everything from her schooling to profits to the number of people whose lives would be saved from her bogus technology. And she did it all, day in and day out, while ensuring that no one inside or outside her company could publicly challenge the truthfulness of her claims.

She shouldn’t be in jail though; she should be under the jail. Will she serve a day in prison? Doubtful, because vagina.

There’s a nice podcast at the OP link that’s worth listening to. Runs 60 minutes. Can’t seem to get the embed link to work here in WP.

5 thoughts on “Are All Women Sociopaths?

  1. Make believe was cute at 6 years old .. as an adult it’s called fraud.

    When she finally grows up .. she’ll grow out of it .. I’m sure .. actually .. it’s what I’m told .. by my (so-called) betters .. which .. come to think of it .. are all academics ..

    KILL ALL ACADEMICS immediately. HEH!

    Anyone who helps or invests in this broads crazy make-believe .. gets what they deserve.

    And if any Politician recommends funding for her .. (s)he’ll get the rope .. of course that (post-birth) abortion is / will be covered under the civil-dis-obedence clause of Obummer care. [1]

    [1] .. A worth-while tax-payer funded program.

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  2. Since I worked in a hospital medical lab long ago, I’ve taken an interest in the biotech biz from an investor standpoint. Never got over missing the latex glove market (bought Safeskin too late). One of the big markets I watched was rapid tests.
    So…it was pretty obvious to me this was a scam way back when this bitch was on all the investor magazine covers. “She decided it would be better if one drop of blood could do everything rather than vile of it! Genius!” Well, no shit Sherlock they’ve been working on that for ages. And she had no results. This was far dumber than the Ponzi schemes…at least those had results (if for a short time).
    I went on and on about this bitch. I could not believe anyone was this stupid, let alone all the big money firms. And now they’re acting like it’s a big surprise.
    Gah! [/rant]

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    • No vile, vial (Freudian slip, dat).
      People who handle investments cannot rely on media hype, they need the hard figures.
      She supplied nothing, these idiots invested on media hype and hot air.
      These aren’t investment firms, they’re casinos.

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