Up the Academies! Get the Ladies on the Gridiron


Beside, we know from the movies, that a 40- or 50-pound weight advantage in any physical conflict is cancelled out, if the lighter combatant is female. This should work as well on the football field as it does in hand-to-hand combat.

Pretty good stuff and really it’s just an agree and amplify of the current nonsense of women in combat roles. If women can be placed in life and death situations like infantry combat, to deny them their rightful places on the football field would be the height of misogyny!

2 thoughts on “Up the Academies! Get the Ladies on the Gridiron

  1. Heh, I have a friend who played football for the AF academy and was good enough to go professional but decided to fly jets instead. We had a flight doc who was part time…his full time job was orthopedic surgeon to professional sports people. He said his neck was as bad as any linebacker’s he’d ever seen.
    That’s what flying fighters does to a man after 20 years.
    It’s so much worse for a woman’s frame. I know one woman who flew F16s and had to have two back surgeries before she was 30. All that money training her down the drain. This is a little known secret.
    But you do girlz!!

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