America is a homeland.

Men are not widgets, and immigration affects more than just numbers in an abstract spreadsheet.  America is not merely an economic opportunity zone for all comers to profit from.  America is a homeland.  America is a home to a distinct culture and the people that created it or have been assimilated into it.  It is possible that the philosophical bookends of rightist globalism and leftist multiculturalism have squashed the instinct of that people to protect their culture and to claim the right to restrict entry into their home.  But I doubt it.

So, that article was written 18 years ago. Is anything better? Trump was elected but immigration, both legal and illegal continues to erode the ground right out from under us. Even now “caravans” of invaders march towards our borders with no one to stop them. The only thing  is that maybe, maybe more people in the middle have to come to realize that neither the right or the left have anything but enmity for them.



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