4 thoughts on “I’m Sure This Has Nothing To Do With Sexualizing Little Girls. Well, Pretty Sure …

  1. This is an abomination. The useless politicians who sit on their hands and do nothing when they should be punishing the wicked and protecting the innocent from such corruption are going to suffer SO MUCH on judgement day.

    It’s going to be glorious!

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  2. Oh that’s just nasty. Look – there’s even a boy in the lower front, so they’re equal-opportunity pedophiles. Word has it that there is a “P” coming to LGBTQ…so it’s going to be LGBTQP. I’m serious – I actually heard that.

    Let’s see…what did Corey Feldman tell us about this…about pedophilia being under the radar in Hollywood? That was then, this is now. Hillary’s donors are very open about it now.

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