One thought on “‘Cause That’s Where All The Racists Are…”

  1. There is something funny about that video…it’s an example of how the liberals start eating their own. See, they have to make fun of someone for having totally wrong assumptions about how 2016 was going to go down, so they bifurcate their clique along racial lines, and throw the white liberals under the bus and make the blacks look like the only smart ones in the room. I mean hell, they can’t make fun of the Trump voters because they won, so who else is going to wear the dunce cap?

    Now why did they do it that particular way? Of course we know the answer… Because they know which demographics in the left-wing tent you can walk up and sucker-gut-punch and they’ll smile and bear it, and which ones you can’t do that with. ‘Nuff said.

    Oh wait – it’s actually worse than that…

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