Men Appeared to Benefit More Than Women…

In this worldwide intervention study, participants lost an average of 11% body weight and showed significant improvements in insulin resistance (change in HOMA‐IR, −1.4; P < 0.001) after an 8‐week LED. There were differences in other metabolic outcomes according to gender; men appeared to benefit more than women. Men lost significantly more body weight than women, and had larger reductions in metabolic syndrome Z‐score, C‐peptide, FM and heart rate, even after adjusting for differences in weight loss (%). In contrast, women had larger reductions in HDL cholesterol, hip circumference, BMC, FFM and pulse pressure than men, again after adjustment for differences in weight loss (%). As declines in HDL cholesterol, BMC and lean mass are generally not supportive of long‐term health, it is of general interest to determine whether rapid weight loss with a LED compromises the health of some women. Therefore, it is of importance to investigate whether the long‐term effects of rapid weight loss are indeed more beneficial for men than for women with regard to prevention of both type‐2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Previous studies have reported that differences in metabolic outcome according to gender occur because men mobilize more intra‐abdominal fat than women during weight loss, and that this is accompanied by a more pronounced improvement in the metabolic risk profile.121415 In the present study, we found important differences when comparing outcomes between women and men, both before and after adjusting for differences in weight loss (%). This suggests intrinsic differences in how men and women adapt to dietary energy deficits.

But since we know that gender is a social construct this study must be bunk.

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