College Debt Is The Nightmare Millennials Can Never Wake Up From


Sorry, but mostly not sorry. Your mother and aunt failed you by being accomplices to fraud perpetrated on you by the Education Industry. Sounds like she plans on running away to Panama. Hope her creditors saw that story and got her passport revoked.

30 thoughts on “College Debt Is The Nightmare Millennials Can Never Wake Up From

  1. “We thought it was just the process .. (re: student loans / debt)” ..

    Well of course it’s the process .. things cost money .. it ain’t free .. study after study shows that folks are in favor of things that are free .. as soon as they realize it will cost them more they don’t want it ..

    Global Climate Change is a perfect example.

    In the end .. and the rubber meets the road .. these wimminz are going to have a hard time servicing this debt and finding a man who wants to saddle himself to their (aka that womminz) stupidity.

    When I talk to any womminz these days .. the very first question I ask’em is .. how much debt do you have .. they always side-step the issue .. then I ask specifically how much and on what .. they get very mad because they know they’ve done wrong and don’t like being ridiculed for their stupid.

    They know .. don’t fall for the .. “I had no idea” crap.

    PS .. BLAME the parents .. they deserve a healthy dose of blame. And, there is a lot to go around.

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    • “these wimminz are going to have a hard time servicing this debt and finding a man who wants to saddle himself to their (aka that womminz) stupidity.”

      There’s a bunch of student loan issue videos on Youtube. In one of them a girl calls her debt, “my negative dowry”. Or maybe it was in an article. There’s a couple attractive 20 somethings working out at my gym, but if on average thy’re all carrying at least $30,000 of un-discharge-able loans, that’s gonna be a big “no-way” for a lot of guys who are not just plain stupid.

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  2. the public school system, at least here in texas, is REQUIRED to prove every.single.lesson from KINDERGARTEN on leads to college. every.single.lesson.

    side-by-side they teach the bs that you can be anything you want to be if you just work hard enough.

    not one time have i ever heard them teach to consider the cost, to count the cost, to think ahead, to analyze, to research. not once.

    i always took my Aspie Girl into the school the week before and introduced ourselves to her teachers. they didn’t like this b/c they don’t really want parents or kids there before scheduled, but i didn’t care b/c my daughter needed it and I needed them to know i was involved and had my daughter’s back.

    when i took her in before 9th grade, her first year in high school, we met her lead special ed teacher and the director of sped for that 5a school. the director asked her what college she planned to go to. let that sink in a little bit.

    my daughter immediately responded that student loans were not an option. the director was shocked … sincerely and literally shocked that we would make a college decision based on finances for a SPECIAL NEEDS kid who would probably NOT do well in college as she doesn’t learn that way … and this DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION knows that.

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  3. I know this will be unpopular but we as a society set those kids up for failure. The generations before them did shit to ensure they weren’t conned by the jews pushing tbis dumb shit, destroyed the industrial capacity of this country, broke all the social and cultural bonds etc etc.

    I think it’s pure asshole to do these kids out for being what we set them up to be. And I do hope she hauls ass to Panama and stick the usery system with the debt. Usery being a great evil and destroyer of nations

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    • I don’t think anyone around here will disagree with you on most of those points, Ton. My beef is with her eloping to Panama (actually a smart move) is that tax payers get stuck with the bill.

      Really, the whole thing is a government approved scam. It’s loan-sharking with official paperwork.

      Why the fuck can you bankrupt everything BUT education loans? That’s how you can tell its dirty.

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    • SFC Ton ..

      I disagree .. WE didn’t set these kids up for failure .. I NEVER signed a Social Contract to educate everyone else’s kids nor did you .. or anyone else.

      This is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE .. and it’s not my fault.

      In summary .. I will not pack my bags on go on a guilt trip 😉

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      • I offer sound advice .. sound fiscal advice ..

        What others do with my voice in the wilderness is their own choice ..

        I also tell the youngsters how to start putting away for retirement immediately after high school / college (of they must).

        My views are met with .. “well no one else thinks I should .. (fill in the blank)” .. to which I ask’em .. what’s free advice worth?

        The globohomo banker elites control the thought parameters via the largest influencer in the world .. [so called] “FREE education” in-doc-tro-nation!

        Brother .. you and I don’t stand a chance.

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      • Ton dy deeds are on point ..

        Tell me how Dictatorships make things better?

        Because that’s what you’re asking for .. and thusfar you haven’t done any better than I have ..

        Personal responsibility is the answer ..

        I long for criminal prosecution of all the guilty parties .. followed by hangings.

        Until then no one is making a dent in this problem.


      • Personally I think Mike Rowe has done more good than any of us put together .. though he’s offering the same advice we are ..

        He just has a bigger microphone / stage to bring up the issue.

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  4. Next time you get into an argument with a feminist or a soy boi, and they start demanding to know your level of education…they’re just trying desperately to get their money’s worth. That liberal arts degree didn’t land them a good job, but if it can make them feel smarter, I guess that’s something, eh?

    Back in the ’90s, everyone was told that all you needed was a 4-year degree in *something*, but I could see that your choice of major really matters.

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  5. Check this out: I have a relative who drives a truck for a living, and he has a wife who is bound and determined to destroy him financially. Oh sure, he’s responsible for a lot of their debt too, but not like her…she is an idiot, and he can’t rein her in because…well, men have been stripped of their authority over their wives. Anyway, after they had found themselves six figures in the hole, lost their house, filed for bankruptcy, etc. and just when it looked like he finally had things under control, then he finds out that behind his back, his wife was getting some “online degree” in (ironically) accounting – it was some fly-by-night outfit who’s degrees and accreditation were worthless. Now he’s the punchline: you can’t bankrupt your way out of student loan debt (oh but don’t worry, it’s part of Obamacare now, right?) So in spite of all his efforts to keep the sinking ship afloat, even after filing for bankruptcy and moving into a rental house, his financially ballistic wife managed to find some way to punch a new hole in the ship that couldn’t be plugged. Well played, bitch – mission accomplished.

    Back in the day, when patriarchy was the rule…the grown-up children with boobs we know as women couldn’t do this shit to us. Now they can. We put mental children in the driver’s seat, and this is what results. If that’s not a case for MGTOW, I don’t know what is.

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  6. “I didn’t really think about the finances”

    “I just thought if i do the right things, got the good grades, it should all just work out OK”

    I do not ever want to hear ever again any criticisms of men for listening to their parents telling them “just be nice, just be yourself, and it will all work out and you’ll find a woman to love you just for who you are!”

    If it’s OK for women to say this, then it’s OK for men to say this.

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  7. I am not borrowing one thin dime for my kids to attend post secondary education. I am not going in the hole on their educations. I’m not doing it. Mrs. deti suggested taking out a second mortgage on the house; I kiboshed it. That is out of the question. That is not happening. I just said flat out “no”.

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