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Warren’s first salvo is a wealth tax, which will be some sort of levy on those with assets over $50 million. This will be in addition to the regular income tax and she says it will raise $2.75 trillion over 10 years. That’s like saying the plan will allow Big Foot to finally get the unicorn he always wanted. Politicians love making ten year projections, despite the fact no one believes them. It’s just a way for the actors, our rich people hire to run for office, to sound like they are something other than actors. It’s part of the role.


I support a wealth tax on the very wealthy although I don’t support Warren.

I used to believe that business men were national treasures and that any wealthy person must have learned right wing lessons. Today most very wealthy people are enemies of my people and the jobs that they create are for immigrants and foreigners.

I support this policy because it hurts my enemies. Don’t tell me that if we attack them then they will attack us. Their attack on us is already unrestrained. We’d be better off if they left our country.

4 thoughts on “Great Comment From the Zman Blog

  1. Most of the guys who will be hit are like me, 1st generation and entry level wealthy.

    The Old Money is well protected in trusts that won’t get hit/ desgined to get hit.

    The new mega wealthy keep their wealth in overseas private banks and won’t get decimated either

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  2. A graduated/progressive income tax is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Yet in spite of that, I have found that it’s possible to convince even some of the most whacked-out, bat-shit crazy, hair-on-fire, goose-stepping leftist feminists to agree to a flat tax in exchange for closing every loophole that allows the rich to dodge taxes.

    As SFC was saying, all of these ideas to eat the rich come from the ultra-rich elite, who get the plebeians to support ideas that target the wealthy below the elite level – make everyone equally poor with fancy laws that always have exemptions carved out for the the donor class. It’s kind of like how they passed Obamacare and they were handing out and selling exemptions to the favored.

    By the way: Warren Buffet pays less in income taxes than his secretary the same way they all do: he has a trust that pays him a living wage, and the money going in is tax-free. Oh there are a million laws that could be changed to solve the problems that socialists complain about, but the fox is the one guarding the hen house, just like it has basically always been. It’s like hoping that Congress is going to dock their own pay, or institute up-down voting that will drain the swamp. I’ll happen over their dead bodies.

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  3. To me it’s about ROI

    There is shit for ROI on taxes paid. Hell I would support a wealth tax, if done right and for a nation that’s worth a damn….. and if it replaced some of the other ways they rob you.

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