Another Elizabeth Holmes In The Making???

Be Wary of This Test

There is a notable new testing effort afoot. It’s called Imbellus, an assessment project that has raised millions in investment capital and whose founder Rebecca Kantar recently earned a gushing profile in Forbes.

Here is a video of Ms. Kantar, a Harvard dropout (that experience features strongly in the publicity for Imbellus), who says of herself at the start, “I’ve always been someone who hated school . . .”

She has big ambitions, aiming to replace all college admissions tests—SAT, ACT, and AP—with her own assessments “that get at deeper thinking skills.” If she succeeds, she says, “high schools should be free to teach things that are relevant, practical, and interesting to their students.”

Verum, bonum, pulchrim–they come from the Sermon on the Mount, Bernini’s Daphne, and Dimmesdale’s torment, but the Imbellus test doesn’t push in that direction. It can’t, because as soon as students started reading the Grand Inquisitor and watching Grand Illusion and studying Marx on commodity fetishism, they would realize just how impoverished is the “skills” conception of the human person.

This is Silicon Valley culture at work, which levels human endeavor to productivity and innovation. Parents and humanities teachers should resist the Imbellus project and all others that reduce learning to functional behavior, tradition to irrelevance.

Another (somewhat) pretty little idiot to fuck up things being pushed by the same types who pushed that fraud Holmes on us. Well, at least she’s not faking medical test results.

Watch the video, it’s all buzzwords and no thought. She’s pushing a complete fantasy, and what’s worse it’s completely OBVIOUS that’s its bullshit to any reasonable person.


Nope, No Way, Not Going to Do It – College Loans Rip Parents Off

In 2015, 18 percent of families receiving a Parent PLUS loan had an expected family contribution of zero. In other words, the federal government determines that hundreds of thousands of parents can contribute nothing to their children’s college education, and then turns around and gives those same families tens of thousands of dollars in high-interest loans.

To sum up: the federal government offers parents unlimited loans, with minimal credit checks and high interest rates, to pay for an asset from which borrowers derive no direct benefit. If parents fall into default, the government has the power to garnish their wages and seize their tax refunds, charging collection fees of up to 20 percent along the way. And other questionable practices abound; a New America study found that financial aid award letters sometimes do not even make it clear to families that Parent PLUS loans are loans.

If any entity but the federal government were making loans on these terms, it would be labeled a predatory lender and incur the full wrath of regulators at every level of government. But because the Department of Education is the lender with Congressional blessing, these predatory practices get a pass.

I was just thinking the other day about how I am going to talk to my boys about paying for college. I’m not taking out ANY loans for college. If what they really want to do just can’t be done without a college degree, then we’ll make it happen, but I’m not putting my head in any nooses for them.

$80 Billion Divorce???

Will Jeff Bezos have to give his STBX 80 BILLION DOLLARS?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday morning that he and his wife MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing. Jeff Bezos made the announcement in a tweet.
“We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other,” the couple said in a statement posted to Bezos’ Twitter account. “If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again.”
According to the statement, the couple went through a “long period of loving exploration and trial separation” before deciding to divorce. “Though the labels might be different, we remain a family, and we remain cherished friends,” the statement said.

Jeff Bezos’ net worth

In October, the Amazon chief and founder was named the wealthiest person on the planet. Forbes estimated his net worth was $160 billion and had increased by more than $75 billion from 2017.
In addition to running Amazon, Bezos owns the Washington Post and space company Blue Origin.


Democrats Didn’t Always Hate American Families Like They Do Now

A friend of mine was one of 5 boys in their family. Their dad drove a bread truck. He put all 5 through private grade school and high schools (the boys had to help with the HS tuition when they were old enough to work), while paying for their house ( 3 bdrm, nice big yard), and was able to retire and see his first 8 (of 12) grand children born. Their mom was SAHM the whole time.


Don’t Get Sick (or Else) – Seeking Medical Treatment Third Leading Cause of Death

The top three leading causes of death in the US are heart disease (614,348), cancer (591,699), and seeking medical treatment. Yes, you read that correctly. According to a 2016 study by Johns Hopkins, medical errors contribute to the deaths of more than 250,000 Americans annually, which places it as the third leading cause of death in the US.

Other estimates have actually placed those numbers even higher at around 440,000 annual deaths because errors by health care providers are not included on death certificates.

These unnecessary tests and treatments have accounted for $200 billion annually and have been found to actually harm patients. That’s because the FFS system is volume-based, not necessarily value-based. Therefore, any increases in the volume of care equal increases in medical errors.

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) contribute to the deaths of nearly 100,000 people annually, leaving almost two million of the total afflicted population requiring treatments that cost over $25 billion a year. These costs could be passed along to taxpayers under Medicare for All, instead of private insurers and employers, as they are now.

And people tell me that riding a motorcycle is dangerous…