The USPTO Enabled The Theranos Scam — Scareduck Blog

Ars Technica today reports on the USPTO’s role in Theranos’ con job. Enabled in very large part by Elizabeth Holmes’ never-reduced-to-practice patent of a “microfluidic patch that could test blood for infectious organisms and could deliver antibiotics through the same microfluidic channels”, the thing metastasized: The provisional application, filed in September 2003 when Holmes was just…

via The USPTO Enabled The Theranos Scam — Scareduck Blog

It sure is nice to have very powerful people on your board of directors. Not only do they keep you out of jail, even though you’re guilty of 10 kinds of fraud and of actually endangering peoples lives; they’ll get the government to give you all sorts of crazy-ass patents on vapor-tech.

One thought on “The USPTO Enabled The Theranos Scam — Scareduck Blog

  1. ““medical devices and methods capable of real-time detection of biological activity and the controlled and localized release of appropriate therapeutic agents.”

    I still can’t for the life of me understand how the above didn’t read as obvious bullshit to…everyone.
    Even when she was on the cover of financial magazines…
    there was always the obvious question: Where is the PRODUCT?

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