Irrefutable Proof That Trump Isn’t Hitler

So, President Donald J. Trump, I’m sorry to say, has been a big disappointment to just about everyone who voted for him. He hasn’t built the wall. He hasn’t stopped us from being overwhelmed by either legal immigration or illegal invasion. He has failed his supporters in most every way possible. Ergo, he is a failure. However, one thing Trump is not is a “Hitler”. So what is my proof? People on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, and all over the Internet are allowed to call Trump a “Hitler” with ZERO repercussions. You think Hitler allowed that? Or Stalin? Or Mao? What about Pol Pot? You think people were allowed to even look sideways at anyone one of those men and allowed to walk away without paying for it? You do? Then you’re an idiot. No midnight disappearances; no cattle cars; no death camps or mass graves means no “Hitler”.

3 thoughts on “Irrefutable Proof That Trump Isn’t Hitler

  1. Almost as retarded as wimminz claiming to be oppressed. If you are truly oppressed, when you go to the government and say “help I am part of a persecuted minority” they say “thanks so much for saving us the trouble of having to find you.”

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